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Marble Falls ISD elementary schools may be rezoned; meeting June 8

Marble Falls ISD boundary map

Marble Falls Independent School District officials are holding an information meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 8, in the Marble Falls High School theater auditorium on possible changes to elementary school boundaries. MFISD graphic

Recommendations for new boundaries for elementary schools in the Marble Falls Independent School District will be presented at an informational meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 8, in the Marble Falls High School theater auditorium, 2101 Mustang Drive. It is open to the public.

The proposed changes, which will primarily affect Colt and Spicewood elementary schools, were developed by a committee made up of parents, teachers, administrators, and residents that met in the spring. A small portion of Marble Falls Elementary would be included in the rezoning. 

The committee reviewed attendance zones for Highland Lakes, Colt, Spicewood, and Marble Falls elementary schools. The presentation is based on their recommendations as laid out in a document May 4.  

Any changes to elementary school attendance zones must be approved by the MFISD Board of Trustees and would not go into affect until the 2023-24 academic year.

Work on new boundaries began in March when the district announced it would form a committee to look at elementary school attendance zones, something it has not done in more than a decade. 

“Our guiding principles would be to balance elementary enrollments across MFISD as much as possible, to keep neighborhoods and subdivisions intact, to leverage natural boundaries as much as possible, and then develop district policy on grandfathering options,” said Assistant Superintendent Jeff Gasaway during a March 21 board meeting. 

MFISD anticipates an influx of students in the coming years, particularly in the southern part of the district as major, master-planned communities such as Thunder Rock and Gregg Ranch attract more families.

5 thoughts on “Marble Falls ISD elementary schools may be rezoned; meeting June 8

  1. By the way if you live in the MFISD you can send your child to any school, your choice not the boards. The board cannot tell you no, they would like to but they can’t.

    1. That’s a bit misleading. While a parent can work with the school district for a transfer request (i.e., from one elementary school to another), the school district generally will allow it unless there is a valid reason why it can’t be accommodated. While there are rights involved on the side of the district and the parent, generally the goal is to have the two parties work together to make that decision. The other thing to consider is allocation of resources across the district, which is often based on student populations. Districts typically work to ensure similar enrollments at all schools unless facilities prevent or allow variances. Student-teacher ratio is a big part of this, of course. So there is a bit of common sense required here, not just a blatant claim to rights.

      I’m a retired school administrator. There are resources at the state level (TEA, etc) to read more on the subject.

  2. I really wish they’d include all of HSB into MFISD. Llano is too far to go.

    1. Shannon,

      Llano would have to agree and if you live in Llano County your going to pay their school taxes. Llano is not that far, kids ride buses much further than 25 miles. Llano is a better school, we wished we had lived in Llano County in lieu of Burnet due to MFISD

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