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Family Dollar coming to Granite Shoals

Family Dollar

Granite Shoals shoppers will have a Family Dollar store in the near future. The project is still in the permitting process. Courtesy photo

Granite Shoals is getting a Family Dollar. The discount store sells beauty products, home goods, office and school supplies, electronics, and food and beverages. An opening date has yet to be determined for the new, 10,500-square-foot facility to be built at 7009 RR 1431 East. The project is still in the permitting process.

Granite Shoals City Manager Jeff Looney said Family Dollar officials have been working with government entities for several months, specifically the Lower Colorado River Authority, on paperwork to ensure water runoff drains properly and the septic system is installed to standards. 

“They’re getting their permits done,” he said. “They had stuff they had to work through with LCRA on (RR) 1431. It’s to make sure drainage is done properly.”

Granite Shoals Building Official Mike Light said the city has given Family Dollar officials the thumbs-up on its parking spaces. He added that the retailer’s plans have been approved, but it hasn’t obtained building permits as of Wednesday, Dec. 29.

“They have to get LCRA’s approvals before submitting for the building applications,” Light said.

Neither Looney nor Light would speculate on a construction timeline. 

Granite Shoals has a Dollar General, 7111 RR 1431 East, and is getting a supermarket, 7911 RR 1431 East. 

Looney believes there are enough customers to support all three businesses. He pointed to the number of houses being built in Granite Shoals, how quickly they are selling, and that city officials are improving infrastructure for continued growth. 

The city’s demographics are also shifting.

“We’re getting younger families moving in,” he said. “They’re getting frustrated there’s not enough retail here.”

1 thought on “Family Dollar coming to Granite Shoals

  1. Great to see more businesses coming to Granite Shoals! We need more options. Looking forward to the supermarket also!

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