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MFISD OKs purchase of new band uniforms

Marble Falls High School marching band

The Marble Falls High School marching band will sport new uniforms in the 2022-23 school year after the Marble Falls Independent School District Board of Trustees allocated funds for the purchase. Courtesy photo

The Marble Falls High School Mustang Band will sport new uniforms during the 2022-23 school year. The Marble Falls Independent School Board of Trustees approved $90,720 to purchase about 130 new uniforms from Fred J. Miller Inc., commonly referred to as FJM, during its meeting Monday, Dec. 13. 

Band directors have been designing new uniforms with FJM since the end of the last school year, assistant director Brandon Sinde explained during the meeting. The normal lifespan of a band uniform is seven to nine years. The current black and purple uniforms are nearing the seven-year mark, he said. 

“We were very deliberate with the way that we designed these so that we could continue to really show off our school spirit,” Sinde said. “One of the changes that we have in this uniform compared to the others is that we tried to bring a lot more purple back into our uniform.”

The new uniforms will include adjustable dress jackets, dress shirts, undershirts, and pants as well as new hats and two custom plumes per band member. They will also have a gray and purple color scheme to make the purple appear more vibrant. 

Band uniforms should be available within the next 180 days, Sinde said. 

Money for the uniforms will come from excess funds left from the 2018 bond package, which were discussed during a Nov. 15 special meeting. 

After finishing initial projects included in the bond package, spending trends suggested a sum of money would be available for use. Although the exact amount of leftover funds was not discussed during the November meeting, the amount was trending “toward at least a couple million dollars,” Superintendent Chris Allen said in a Nov. 17 statement to The board can determine the use of the remaining funds “because the expenses being considered align with appropriate use for bond funds,” Allen explained. 

The board also approved using $55,473 of excess funds to purchase shade canopies for playgrounds on the Colt and Marble Falls elementary campuses.

In other action, the board gave the thumbs-up in replacing the district’s 26-year-old shop truck with a new vehicle. The new truck, a 2022 Chevrolet 2500 HD Silverado 4×4, cost $56,275 and will be driven by mechanics when repairing broken-down school buses and other district vehicles. Money for this purchase will be taken from funds set aside for transportation purposes.

2 thoughts on “MFISD OKs purchase of new band uniforms

  1. They wore blue uniforms this year. Not Purple and Black like stated above? How old were the blue uniforms? They were not that old. Hopefully they get some kind of refund on them.

  2. PLEASE for the LOVE of everything holy – PICK OUR SCHOOL COLORS!!! HINT…Purple & Gold!!!

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