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Eagles play for back-to-back state titles

Smoking for Jesus Eagles football team

The Smoking for Jesus Ministry School Eagles finished the 2021 regular season at 9-1 overall. They will play in the Texas Christian Athletic League six-man championship game Nov. 13. Courtesy photo

The Smoking for Jesus Ministry School football team is looking to make it two state titles in a row when the Eagles face Houston Texas Christian on Saturday, Nov. 13, in the Texas Christian Athletic League six-man championship game.

Smoking for Jesus (9-1 overall, 3-0 district) and Texas Christian play at 3 p.m. at the Portland Sports Complex, 721 Buddy Ganem Drive in Portland.

The Eagles already beat Texas Christian 64-14 on Oct. 8. The game ended in the third quarter. 

“I’m always going to say we have the advantage,” said Smoking for Jesus head coach Charles Frazier. “The first time we played them, they only saw one side of our playbook. This time, it’ll be a whole different set of plays.”

The Eagles wrapped up the regular season Nov. 4 with a 57-3 win against San Antonio Town East Christian. The game ended at the half because the Eagles were ahead by 45 points after two quarters. 

The Smoking for Jesus players are eager to defend the state title and earn a championship ring. For the squad’s newcomers, it’s a chance to get one for their own jewelry box.

“I’ll have my ring on and show them,” Frazier said. “It’ll motivate the others to get a ring. They’re eager. They are so focused and so ready. They’re motivated.”  

Frazier said it’s difficult to say whether his team’s offense or defense is better because each side makes plays throughout games, leading to lopsided wins. 

“At any given moment, any one side will take over the game,” he said. “On defense, we had three interceptions and took two back for touchdowns (against Town East Christian) and had three fumble recoveries. They’re reviving up and taking over the game. It’s so contagious.”

Senior Marvin Glaspie III caught two passes for 42 yards and a touchdown and returned one of interceptions for a touchdown. Senior Sean Richard had the other interception for a touchdown.

Junior quarterback Isaac Legier had one carry for 25 yards and completed eight of 12 passes for 98 yards and a touchdown. He also recovered a fumble for a touchdown. Senior Arthur Eaglin III returned the other fumble for a score.

Senior Charles Frazier Jr. had two carries for 22 yards and a touchdown, and sophomore Connor Kitchens had a 35-yard touchdown run.

As he thought about the week or preparation, the coach said the season won’t be taken for granted.

“We’re just excited to have the opportunity to play again for state,” Frazier said. “I’ve been with (these student-athletes) since their Pee Wee days. For us to get a chance at back-to-back state championships will be awesome if we can pull it off.”

1 thought on “Eagles play for back-to-back state titles

  1. Let’s see a game between Faith Academy and SFJ.

    TCAL teams can’t play TAPPS teams IN SEASON. But they can out. I know the eagles would love to do it!

    Unfortunately I believe Faith would not do it. Fear…..

    Id love to see it and I am certain it would be packed with spectators.

    The Flames did win in June but the eagles sent in the JV and last by one TD.

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