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With agreements, Marble Falls hotel and conference center closer to construction

Marble Falls hotel and conference center

The Marble Falls Economic Development Corp. entered land purchase, management, and lease agreements with Marble Falls Hotel Group LLC during the EDC's Sept. 27 meeting. The actions allow for the construction of a planned hotel and conference center. Illustration courtesy of Marble Falls EDC

Legal documents to bring the Marble Falls Hotel and Conference Center closer to reality were signed during a special meeting of the Marble Falls Economic Development Corp. on Sept. 27. Details were discussed during an executive session before EDC directors voted. 

The hotel and conference center will next go before the Marble Falls City Council, which will consider granting the project a 25-year hotel tax abatement of $300,000 during its Oct. 19 meeting. Burnet County commissioners will also consider a 10-year ad valorem tax abatement of 75 percent at an upcoming meeting. 

The hotel and conference center is expected to have an economic impact of over $250 million within its first 20 years of operation.

At the Sept. 27 special meeting, EDC directors approved a land purchase agreement, a performance agreement, and a nonexclusive lease and management agreement with Marble Falls Hotel Group LLC following an executive session to discuss legal details. 

The project includes a 116-room Tapestry by Hilton hotel and a fully operational conference center to be built on  roughly 3 acres of land along Yett Street and the Marble Falls lakefront. EDC and city officials have been discussing the project for years, with progress being made since 2019

Construction is expected to begin during the first quarter of 2022. The hotel and conference center should open for operation in mid-2023. 

The project will be funded, owned, and operated by Marble Falls Hotel Group LLC, which consists of the Phoenix Hospitality Group, a hotel management and development group, and Hawkins Family Partners LP. 

Total project development is expected to cost upwards of $35 million and will be funded through a 50 percent loan and cash equity provided by the hotel group. 

The EDC finalized the sale of project site land to the hotel group for $2 million. Directors also approved entering into a 25-year nonexclusive lease and management agreement with the hotel group for use of conference center facilities. The EDC will pay $525,000 for the first three years and $225,000 for the remainder of the agreement. The lease agreement allows the EDC to use conference center facilities throughout its duration. 

“The EDC’s financial commitment to the project is tied directly to the conference center in the agreements that were approved yesterday, but the broader rationale for our incentives include a commitment to the public spaces around the property, the boutique nature and service level of the hotel, and overcoming some challenging site characteristics,” said EDC Executive Director Christian Fletcher in a statement. 

The EDC is also contributing $6.8 million to the project, which will almost completely cover design and construction costs associated with the conference center portion. Contribution funds come from 2016 bonds proceeds dedicated to the project.

8 thoughts on “With agreements, Marble Falls hotel and conference center closer to construction

  1. We really don’t need it! To be honest it’s a Waste of money , Time & brainpower. We BEEN needing a place for kids and young adults. Instead of them hanging out at parks in the dark looking like suspects. Out of all the things you can come up with. another hotel. Ha. Ha. Make resources for people in marble falls. Back up generators. water purifiers etc. Biden still has covid restrictions so why have large amounts of ppl together

    1. Funds from these events impact local businesses, sales tax, etc., in countless ways that benefit the larger, local community.

  2. Literally every city in the world gives incentives to large businesses, hotels, etc., because they bring in more in the long run to make up for it with events, more people, ancillary businesses, etc. This is not a new thing. Granted there should be limits in place as well as accountability through contractual agreements, but incentives are no different than any other business agreement between private/public partnerships.

  3. Finally a nice non-roach hotel!! This is smart and great progress for a growing town.
    Have you seen the moldy old 70s motels that litter this town?
    This is wonderful news, more food to follow and now we can have a
    nice place to put friends vs the Roachway Motels we now offer or
    Lake Mold smell motels, you know that smell! Go Hilton Go!
    They need to bulldoze those old nasty dumps we see on 281.
    (Not many cars at those old ones, that means time to sell soon)

  4. I am all for growth but another tax giveaway to a wealthy corporation seems a bit over the top. Will they share their profits with the taxpayers of Marble Falls?

  5. The biggest travesty with this is not that the city will be adding another hotel on the lake. Oh no no no. The travesty is that they are giving tax breaks in order to make it happen and to top it off they are using tax payer money to help it along. They should give property owners tax abatements.

  6. Hate to lose the wonderful small town feel we now have in Marble Falls. Traffic down 281 and at the 1431 intersection is already heavy several days a week. Now we will be adding to it. Thought for a community this size we already had enough hotels. I guess not.

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