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Marble Falls waives permit fees for storm work

Marble Falls waives permit fees for storm work

Marble Falls residents who have broken or busted water pipes should turn off the main water valve to their home to protect it from further damage. The city of Marble Falls is waiving some permit fees associated with damage from the recent winter storm. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

The city of Marble Falls is waiving permit fees for repairs related to the Feb. 15-19 winter storm, but residents still must obtain permits for some work.

According to the city’s website, home or business owners don’t have to obtain a building/plumbing permit to repair or do maintenance work on existing pipes. However, it noted that restoration work beyond repairs would require the appropriate permit.  

Marble Falls Development Services technician Kristen Jones described “restoration work” as basically anything that goes beyond repairs. For instance, if a homeowner discovers a storm-damaged pipe in a bathroom, the permit and fee for repairing that one pipe is waived. However, if the homeowner also decides to replace additional, but not damaged pipes, they’ll need a permit.

As for electrical repairs, home and business owners must hire a professional electrician unless work is being done to a homestead.  

Jones said residents still need to obtain an electrical permit as well, so the city has a record of it for when it’s time to inspect the work.

“If you tell us (the repair is) due to the storm, we waive the fees,” Jones said. “But you still need to have a permit.”

Jones also noted that individuals who are replacing a pump on heating or cooling systems that malfunctioned because of the storm will have to get a mechanical permit, but officials will waive the fee. 

The same is true for replacing drywall that was damaged in the winter storm.

“If you have drywall damage, the fee is waived,” Jones said. ” Any repairs from damages from the storm, the fees will be waived.”

In addition, the city’s website offers tips for home and business owners on what to do if structures still don’t have water and how to determine if pipes are leaking or busted. 

If pipes are leaking or broken, immediately turn off the main water valve at the street. If the dwelling doesn’t have running water, open an inside faucet while there’s low or no water pressure so frozen water can expand and leftover air can be released. 

To locate possible leaks or broken pipes, officials recommend turning off the main water valve and then slowly turning it back on while examining for damage. 

Visit the city’s Development Services webpage for more information as well as how to obtain permits if necessary or call 830-798-7095.

The Development Services office is located at 801 Fourth St. in Marble Falls.