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HIGHLAND LAKES HEALTH: Cardio drumming pumps up heart rate with moves and music

Cardio drumming

Participants in Jenny Sedovic's cardio drumming class at Hill Country Nutrition in Marble Falls get a full-body workout. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro

Participants feel the heat as they pound to the beat during cardio drumming classes at Hill Country Nutrition in Marble Falls. At 10 a.m. every Saturday, about 15 men and women arrive to pound inflatable yoga balls with bright green drumsticks to a mix of high-energy pop tunes. 

“It is a full-body workout,” instructor Jenny Sedovic said. “We’re moving our arms and twisting our waists, squatting, and lunging. The whole body is moving. It’s stress relieving, pounding for an hour.”

Cardio drumming raises heart rates and burns calories while keeping participants engaged and exhilarated. Equipment includes a yoga ball, some kind of base to hold the ball still (a big bucket will do), and a pair of drumsticks. People of all ages, weights, and fitness levels can participate in the same class at their own speed — just follow the beat of your own drum. 

The growing trend first snared Sedovic after she participated in a cardio drumming session at a convention in Dallas. She brought it to Marble Falls about six years ago.

“I was a drummer in high school,” she said. “I could get drumsticks in my hands, and I could keep a beat. Instantly, when I went to that class in Dallas, I knew it was for me.” 

Participants say you can’t beat this class for all of the above reasons. 

“It’s not something I had to work up to. I could do it the first day,” said Marcie Norman, 56. “It’s a lot of fun. It’s easier when you’re excited, it’s enjoyable. And I don’t feel awkward with the others here.”

Norman started the class a few months ago after visiting Hill Country Nutrition for its meal-replacement protein drinks. At that time, she was looking to sync her weightlifting sessions and 3- to 4-mile walks with more cardio. 

Five years ago, Robbie Waltemeyer, 70, wanted to compose a similar routine that would combine her over-2-mile walks three days a week with some toe-tapping rhythm.

“I’m excited when I walk in,” she said. “You have a better feeling when it’s all over. I enjoy being with the people. This is a fun activity.”

Others, such as 31-year-old Dustin Poe, first came to cheer on his wife, Dawna. He soon joined the class as the only male participant. Next came Dustin’s mother, Sherra, his sister, Sara, and her boyfriend, Mitchell Roeder, for a quartet with cadence.

“I enjoy it, no matter if you get the moves right or not,” Poe said. “I spend a lot of time laughing. Usually, I like to lift weights, but this is as much of a workout as that. You’re expanding your lungs, you’re losing more calories, it’s a lot more cardio.”

The class is free, but many of the attendees usually buy a protein drink to consume during the class and a shake to enjoy once their exercise is finished. However, purchase is not required, Sedovic said. Participants also do not have to sign up for any of the nutrition center’s other programs. 

“We do weight-loss challenges and wellness profiles for people,” Sedovic said. “We can help people lose weight, gain weight, or add nutrition to their daily lives.” 

Before COVID-19 shut down the establishment for two months last spring, Hill Country Nutrition also had a hiking club. Members bought state park passes and went on group hikes on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. 

“We have a lot of requests to start that up again,” Sedovic said. 

She also schedules private cardio drumming classes for groups of 10 or more on other days. 

Protocols to help stop the spread of the coronavirus are followed with yoga balls physically distanced by 6 feet. Wearing a mask during the workout is hard, however, and Sedovic does not require it.

“We are mask wearers here,” Sedovic continued. “We wear masks all day, every day, but you can’t do the cardio drumming very well with a mask on.” 

Sedovic and husband, John, own Hill Country Nutrition, located at 1405 Mormon Mill Road, Suite C, in Marble Falls, and B-Dogs Nutrition Spot, 102 E. Polk (Texas 29) in Burnet. The Burnet location does not offer cardio drumming classes but carries a full line of shakes and smoothies and offers individual wellness programs.  

“We want to help people learn healthier lifestyles, and we want them to move their bodies,” Sedovic said. “After a cardio drumming class, we all have a lot of sweat and lots of smiles.”

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  1. It is a great way to get a full body workout and reducing stress and having fun doing it!

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