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Even as Highland Lakes grocery stores open again to the public, driving conditions remain hazardous and that means shoppers could find limited supplies of certain items, particularly fresh foodstuffs.

“The meat counter is empty. There are limited fruits and vegetables. Heaters, we’re completely out of. We have charcoal. We still have a few pallets of rock salt,” said Marble Falls Walmart store manager Sandra Gutierrez. “We still have blankets, pillows, but just the essentials like milk and eggs, we are completely out.”

The last delivery of groceries was Saturday, Gutierrez said, but they are anticipating a Pepsi truck to deliver bottled water later in the day, Friday, Feb. 19, another item they are out of currently.

“We’re trying to keep our doors open as long as we can,” Gutierrez said. “Due to our associates calling in due to the weather, which is understandable, we’re trying to keep the doors open so that we are available for the community and they can see what we have available.”

H-E-B’s food supply chain has been similarly hit, according to its website, a problem that’s been compounded by power and water outages at some stores and warehouses. 

“We’re good on most things, except for bread, milk, and eggs and some meat produce,” said Marble Falls H-E-B store manager Joseph Herraez. “We have red meat and ground beef, but we don’t have chicken and pork. We have produce, but we don’t have potatoes. Things like that.”

Product assortment of all goods will be limited for a few days, the H-E-B site warns.

For real-time updates of the status of H-E-B stores, visit its website. For updates on Walmart’s adjusted hours, check the Marble Falls Walmart Facebook page.