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Icy conditions cause Burnet power outages

Icy conditions cause power outages

Burnet utility crews responded to numerous weather-related power outages on Thursday, Feb. 11, but by late that night, most of the electricity had been restored. Icy conditions, including tree limbs overburdened with ice, contributed to the situation. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

City of Burnet electric crews responded to numerous power outages Thursday, Feb. 11, but by 11 p.m., the majority of the electricity had been restored.

“Due to extreme weather conditions, city electric crews responded to multiple issues and are working diligently to have power restored as soon as possible,” officials posted on the city’s Facebook page at about 8 p.m. Thursday.

The extremely cold and wet weather iced over tree limbs and power lines, which could have contributed to the outages.

At about 11 p.m., officials posted that the majority of the city had power once again with the exception of a portion of North Oak Street and the Woodlands subdivision.

 “If you are not located in one of these areas and are still experiencing a power outage please call (830) 798-4775 immediately for assistance,” read a post on the city’s Facebook page. “Thank you for your patience while we work to serve you during these extreme conditions.”

1 thought on “Icy conditions cause Burnet power outages

  1. Putting power outage information on Facebook is worthless when folks don’t have power to run their internet modem. Yesterday, I tried to call (830) 798-4775, but could not even leave a voice mail as their voice mail box was full. At the very least, a message with power repair status on (830) 798-4775 would be somewhat helpful.

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