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Motorcyclist killed in 1431 wreck

A 31-year-old Austin man was killed Saturday, Jan. 30, in a multi-vehicle collision that occurred at about 4:30 p.m. on RR 1431 near CR 341 in Burnet County.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Christopher Lawrence Black was traveling west on a 2019 Honda motorcycle on RR 1431 when he attempted to pass several vehicles in a no-passing zone. The motorcycle struck an eastbound Chevrolet pickup truck.

Black was ejected off of the motorcycle onto the north shoulder of the road. The motorcycle then collided with a 2014 Toyota passenger vehicle traveling westbound. The motorcycle and the Toyota caught fire and burned.

Black was pronounced dead at the scene.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story said the victim’s name was Christopher Lawrence. The name was taken from a Texas DPS report. The victim’s name is Christopher Lawrence Black.

9 thoughts on “Motorcyclist killed in 1431 wreck

  1. I’m sorry for his family loss but he caused his on death when he tried passing in a no passing lane and with traffic coming at him too. The other people involved in the accident are going to have to live with what happened for the rest of their lives even though it wasn’t their fault. Just been in the accident within itself is going to keep bringing back memories. To the people above talking about the covid shot how about commenting in the right place for it and not in the section for the motorcycle accident.

  2. Clearly these thoughts have nothing to do with the article. God bless this man’s soul (Lawrence). Remember, NO-PASS ZONES ARE AS SUCH, DO NOT PASS. Let’s drive safe out there and obey the laws, TXDOT is trying to make this FM road as safe as possible with road widenings and passing areas, but do not pass if the regulatory signs say not to and there is a solid yellow line on your side of the roadway…….

  3. Dr Salazar of BSW told me last week when I had my annual appointment that all BSW patients are on the list already and do not have to re-sign-up. They will be called by age and condition. I’m 92 and because I have no illnesses I WILL NOT be on the top of the list and will be down quite a bit for getting the shot. So, be patient – your time will get here and every time someone else is given the vaccine, it will be a help to all of us older ones.

  4. I have tried and tried to get into BSW system but given the same code and it just plain doesn’t work to get into. We are 83 years old and he has diabetes but I am at my wits end to get an appointment through BSW. There has to be an easier way for those of us who don’t know the ends and outs of the computer. Help!!!!!

    1. I am supposedly on a list at BSW but have not been called yet. I am 1B with COPD and 79

      1. I have the app for BSW and my husband and I are in group 1b. We are both patients with them and have accounts there. But according to the office worker at my doctor’s office, she said we were not on the list at all. She told me to call 844-279-8222 which I had already called. No one can tell me how to get on that list even we have MyBSWHealth account. Help?!

  5. My mother is eligible for the vaccine, but what is the use of something that could’ve been so simple to do be so difficult??? For one thing there should of been enough vaccine made for everyone and not just the select few considered to be more important than orhers, the virus does not discriminate who, or what your rank is in society.

  6. Has ANYONE in Burnet county been able to get a Covid Vaccine shot?
    I have been on every list I can find, am currently elgible, and get nothing.
    It is very difficult to get any information and nobody seems to know anything.

    1. Yes, my husband received his vaccine this past Friday @ BaylorScott&White Hospital,. We are both eligible ( age wise & he has cancer) On Thurs I will get mine @ Llano. But we both signed up at every place that would be giving vaccine ie Waco, Fredericksburg, even the DFW AREA.

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