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Horseshoe Bay urges residents to make full use of water-saving tool

Horseshoe Bay WaterSmart program

Smart meters coupled with the WaterSmart Program software help Horseshoe Bay residents gauge daily water usage and detect leaks early. Courtesy photo

Although 95 percent of Horseshoe Bay homes are now hooked into the new WaterSmart Program designed to help conserve water and cut bills, only 17 percent are registered into the software and making use of the information. The program helps detect leaks and prevent unexpectedly high water bills, Utilities Director Jeff Koska said.

“We’re trying to put tools in customers’ hands,” Koska said. 

The WaterSmart Program was launched in October 2020 and already has found 550 leaks. By March, all 3,600 Horseshoe Bay homes will have the new meters.

With the software, Horseshoe Bay residents can track how much water they’re using before receiving their bill. 

“Leaky faucets, running toilets, and irrigation systems — we decided for our community, with so many irrigation systems, it would be good for customers to have access to the water information,” Koska said.

The system has been a hit with those using the software.

“I think it’s worked out well because the customers that use WaterSmart thanked us for telling them of the leaks in a very short time,” Koska said. “We’ve had good responses back. It’s flooded us.”

Visit the website to register. Customers should have their water bills handy for the account number. The service address is the city’s ZIP code, which is 78657. Complete the profile survey to get accurate comparisons to other households, which helps zero in on the cost of a customer’s bill. To receive notifications of leaks or excessive usage, select “settings/communication” under preferences. 

A video on the site explains how to easily use the software.

Contact the Horseshoe Bay Utilities Department at 830-598-8741 or for more information.