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Burnet CISD board of trustees

The Burnet Consolidated Independent School District board of trustees. January is School Board Recognition Month. Courtesy photo

In order to provide teachers and staff additional planning opportunities during this unprecedented school year, the Burnet Consolidated Independent School District made revisions to the school year calendar. One of those revisions is making Monday, Jan. 18, a holiday for students and a planning day for staff. 

Because Jan. 18 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the district will celebrate MLK Day of Service this year on Tuesday, Jan. 19. On this day, students in BCISD will learn about the contributions and sacrifices of Dr. King and each campus will participate in service projects. We believe as a district that the life lesson of giving back to others is so important, we didn’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity to celebrate a great American and follow his example of service to others.  

The month of January is School Board Recognition Month, and the theme this year is “Navigating to Success.” There is a famous quote that says, “It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind which determines which way to go.” Our board of trustees does an outstanding job of setting the sails (developing vision and goals) so that elected representatives and not the winds of whim determine the work of Burnet CISD. We are fortunate to have school board members who provide outstanding leadership and vision for BCISD. Our shared vision is Burnet Consolidated ISD will craft an inspiring future for each student that embodies spirit, pride, and honor. 

The past year required an unusual combination of skills and talents from district leaders. Unexpected circumstances resulted in changes in laws and regulations, and those statewide changes required adaptability, quick problem solving, teamwork, and leadership at the district level.

Navigating through unfamiliar waters became a daily task, complicated by the differing opinions and desires of various constituents. These uncertain and sometimes treacherous circumstances created challenges for even the most seasoned among us. A steady hand on the rudder was absolutely required, and that’s exactly what our district’s board provided.

Our trustees came through when we needed them most this year, charting a course that protected our most vulnerable while ensuring that academic progress could continue for all students. It was a daunting situation, but they navigated to success with unerring determination.

Board service is a volunteer effort, accepted by only a few in the community. It is a tough job with no salary. It is a critically important job that requires an election and then mandated training. It is a responsibility that takes time, a mature outlook, and careful decision-making.

Fortunately, in our community, caring adults have signed on for the responsibility and hard work of making our schools the best they can be. They immerse themselves in learning what they need to know to make good decisions that will provide for students, from the very youngest to the graduating senior. 

So please join me in thanking members of the Burnet CISD board of trustees, which include President Andy Feild, Vice President Angela Moore, Secretary Earl Foster, and Trustees Robby Robertson, Suzanne Brown, Mark Kincaid, and Ross Behrens.  Take a moment to recognize these local trustees and say thank you for the work the Burnet CISD school board members are doing on your behalf.

This column was written by BCISD Superintendent Keith McBurnett.