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Trees planted in King’s Garden to honor lost loved ones

Memorial trees planted in King's Garden

Colin Leo and Sherry Robitson watch as Mary Ann Atwood places a heart-shaped leaf around a newly planted tree in memory of Leo’s grandmother Debbie Sapp. The tree was one of two planted at The King’s Garden in Kingsland for Texas Arbor Day on Nov. 6. Courtesy photo

Two peach trees were recently planted in The King’s Garden in Kingsland to honor the lives of Debbie Sapp and Edith Evans. The trees were also planted to celebrate Texas Arbor Day, Nov. 6. Texas Arbor Day is always the first Friday in November.

The King’s Garden, which is on the grounds of First Baptist Church, 3435 RR 1431, provides fresh produce to Sharing the Harvest food pantry. 

Sapp, who died in 2018, was a member of the Kingsland Garden Club. Evans died earlier this year and was a friend of garden club member Susie Buchanan. Plaques honoring the two women were placed by the trees. 

After Highland Lakes Master Gardens and other volunteers planted the trees, they laid heart-shaped leaves on the mulch. The leaves represent the hearts of the volunteer gardeners who work the 11,000-square-foot plot in Kingsland, said Hank Rominski, a member of the Master Gardener group. The leaves also add nutrients to the soil as they compost.