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The Marble Falls Police Department is alerting residents to a potential phone scam in which the caller claims to be with the Internal Revenue Service or Social Security Administration and asks for personal information or payment.

Police officials are reminding residents that neither of these entities will call and ask for such information over the phone. If someone receives this call, law enforcement recommends hanging up the phone. 

Scams are becoming a common occurrence. While many target elderly people, anyone can fall victim to such criminal activity. Some of the tactics scammers use include fear or creating a sense of urgency to get the victim to act without thinking about the situation. 

A caller claiming to be with the IRS might tell the potential victim that he or she owes taxes and if not paid now, law enforcement will be sent to arrest them. Other scammers may tell the victim that one of their family members is in trouble such as being arrested in a foreign country, and they need to send money by either a service such as Western Union or a single-use or similar credit card. 

Once the money is sent or transferred, it’s usually gone in this scenario, and the family member who was supposedly in trouble, never was.

The Marble Falls Police Department recommends people review common scams to better prepare when someone calls, emails, or otherwise contacts them asking for money or personal information. 

If people have questions, they can contact the Marble Falls Police Department at 830-693-3611 or their local law enforcement agency.

1 thought on “Marble Falls Police Department warns residents about IRS phone scam

  1. They are also running AT&T scams, Amazon scams, and Social Security scams.

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