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More than 13,577 Burnet County and 6,545 Llano County residents cast ballots during the first seven days of early voting. That’s roughly 40.2 percent of Burnet County registered voters and 38.75 percent of Llano County registered voters. 

“Compared to 2016, we’re pretty much smoking the numbers,” said Burnet County Elections Administrator Doug Ferguson. “We still have a week to go and a Saturday and a Friday. We’re potentially going to crush that number between now and early voting. There is definitely a big, big push this time.”

The total number of voters in 2016 was 19,204 in Burnet County and 10,447 in Llano County.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 21, the percentage of votes cast that were mail-in ballots was 17.1 percent in Burnet County and 24.2 percent in Llano County.

Early voting continues through Friday, Oct. 30. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3. Check the How to Vote guide for a list of voting locations and times as well as more election news.

Check on your ballot

Every day, elections administrators from across the state file a report with the Texas Secretary of State’s office, meaning that you can check to see if your ballot has been cast. It doesn’t reveal who you voted for — that is privileged information — but it does show that you voted.

You can search the Texas Secretary of State election information and turnout data webpage using the dropdown menus. Just select the 2020 November 3rd General Election and use the dropdown menus to find early voting turnout by date or county. Note that this returns a lot of information, namely everyone who voted for the input range.

To check to see if your mail-in ballot has been received, visit the Vote America site Texas Ballot Tracker. There, you can search using your Texas voter ID number or by name and county.

For a less involved process, you can also contact your elections administrator by phone or email. For Burnet County, call 512-715-5288 or email For Llano County, call 325-247-5425 or email