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Marble Falls using cameras and signs to curb illegal dumping

Marble Falls watching for illegal dumping

The city of Marble Falls is trying to stop illegal dumping with warning signs and cameras. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

Nuisance dumping is a problem that Marble Falls Code Enforcement addresses with diligence, signage, and, increasingly, cameras.

“What’s bad, with people laid off — and this, that and the other — the areas have broadened,” said Marble Falls Code Enforcement Officer Joey Wray about the places people illegally dispose of items. “It doesn’t seem like people are reaching out (to find out where or how to dispose of something). If they need to get rid of something, they’re just getting rid of it.”

Problem areas are dead-end streets, remote locations, behind businesses such Goodwill and Cinergy Cinemas, and — now less so — alleyways.

“Our alleys were a problem, but now we’ve got the CAPCOG (Capital Area Council of Governments) signage and the cameras down the alleys,” Wray said. “(People have) done a lot better. They see the signage, and they look up and see the cameras.”

All CAPCOG asks in return for the signs and cameras is the GPS coordinates for each installation so it can better track illegal dumping in the 11 counties that make up the regional governmental organization.

Code Enforcement patrols problem areas regularly, and Wray said there are few stops in town they don’t see, though some aren’t watched as much because they’re less accessible. Dumping can happen almost anywhere, however.

“Any convenient spot where something dead-ends where they can get in without being noticed and dump and get out,” he said.

“Definitely call us if it’s happening,” Wray added. “Just don’t take it into your own hands. If you can safely get a plate number or vehicle description or whatever, that’s good, but don’t approach them because that might have a bad outcome.”

To report illegal dumping, call 1-877-NO-DUMPS (1-877-663-8677).

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