Marble Falls school district doing ‘system check’ of year so far

MFISD Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen

Marble Falls Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen, district administrators, and staff will review the school year so far on Aug. 28. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

After a little more than a week of classes, Marble Falls Independent School District administrators and staff are taking a step back Aug. 28 to review how things have gone, what could be improved, and what else they need to do.

“It’s what I would call a debrief and system check. We’re doing something that’s never been done before,” said MFISD Superintendent Dr. Chris Allen about holding classes for both in-person and remote students during a pandemic. “We’re basically building the airplane while flying it.”

MFISD began in-person learning Aug. 19 and remote learning Aug. 21. 

On Friday, Aug. 28, all students will be learning from home, but not via Zoom classes. Teachers will assign at-home work on Thursday or through Google Classroom. 

During the review, Allen said staff and administrators will look at issues that popped up or address better ways of doing things. 

“We don’t want to limp along week after week,” Allen said. “So, we’re going to take this time to do a system check and see how we are doing and how we can improve.”

Regular in-person and remote classes will resume Monday, Aug. 31.

Parents wanting to switch their students from remote to in-person learning should notify their campus registrar by the end of business today, Aug. 27. That way, campuses can be prepared for additional in-person students on Monday. 


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