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Mannix withdraws from Burnet police chief position amid protests

Greg Kelley protests Sean Mannix's hiring as Burnet police chief

Greg Kelley finishes a protest July 13 against the hiring of Sean Mannix as Burnet police chief with a prayer asking for accountability. Kelley currently has a lawsuit filed against The city of Cedar Park, Mannix, who is the former Cedar Park police chief, and Cedar Park Detective Christopher Dailey in relation to Kelley’s 2014 wrongful conviction for aggravated sexual assault of a child. Staff photo by Alex Copeland

Former Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix will not be the new Burnet chief.

Mannix was to begin his new role Monday, July 13, but has since withdrawn his acceptance of the position, according to Burnet Mayor Crista Goble Bromley.

Sean Mannix
Sean Mannix withdrew his acceptance of the Burnet police chief position amid protests. Courtesy photo

Mannix had retired from the Cedar Park Police Department in January following the exoneration of Greg Kelley, a Cedar Park resident who was wrongfully convicted of sexually assaulting a child in 2014.

Kelley opened a lawsuit against the city of Cedar Park, Mannix, and former Cedar Park Detective Christopher Dailey.

Kelley had planned a protest though Facebook in front of the Burnet City Hall on Monday.

On Facebook, Kelley’s The GRK Foundation posted: “We have just confirmed that Sean Mannix turned down his position as chief of police of Burnet Texas. He will NOT be the next chief of police in Burnet. Smart move Mannix!” 

3 thoughts on “Mannix withdraws from Burnet police chief position amid protests

  1. I’m so happy to see Greg Kelley finally free of his unlawful conviction and to see Mannix gone and hopefully out of law enforcement for good!! He’s worthless in my book and the judicial system has enough problems without people like him!!

  2. How about if we read this instead, “We have just confirmed that Sean Mannix turned down his position as chief of police of ANYWHERE, Texas, USA. That’s better reading….

  3. Time for the mayor to step down. Hiring Mannix was either inept, negligent or corrupt, or some combination of those. Burnet deserves better.

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