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Marble Falls receives $2.3M grant to address erosion from 2018 flood

Federal grant to help address erosion at lake and creek

The federal government awarded the city of Marble Falls a $2.3 million grant to address bank and shoreline erosion due to the October 2018 flood. The funding will go to five projects: four associated with Backbone Creek and one with the Lake Marble Falls shoreline. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton

The city of Marble Falls announced May 12 that it was awarded a $2.3 million grant to repair bank erosion stemming from the October 2018 flood.

The funding, which is the largest single grant of its kind that the city has received, is an Emergency Watershed Protection Program Grant given on behalf of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The grant will go toward five separate projects, four of which are associated with erosion in Backbone Creek and one that deals with a sediment deposit along the Lake Marble Falls shoreline, which could threaten critical infrastructure near the raw-water intake.

“Due to the scope and urgency of these projects, the projects would have to be completed with or without the grant funding,” the city’s statement said. “This grant is extremely beneficial because it provides our community money for projects that would otherwise be funded by local tax dollars.”

Construction is set to begin this fall with completion projected by winter.

At the May 5 meeting of the Marble Falls City Council, “flood recovery” was listed as “Strategic Priority No. 1” during a retreat session that sets priorities for the city. “Strategic Priority No. 3” targets the wastewater treatment plant.

“These projects will provide long-term stabilization and protection of the project’s eroded banks in our public park and waterfront space,” Assistant City Manager Caleb Kraenzel said in the statement.

2 thoughts on “Marble Falls receives $2.3M grant to address erosion from 2018 flood

  1. Walter, did you mean to post this in a different thread? They’re going to fix the eroded backbone creek
    that is about to fall into the water with that ugly house hanging over it. It’s about time, esp after
    the Fema money was promised last year. This article is about fixing all the erosion issues outside on our lake. I’m sure they will have
    masks and gloves. We have to fix these issues quickly or it could get real bad with another flood.

    Tear those eyesore homes down and get the Army Corp of Engineers in here with the locals.
    Best news of the year!! Thanks Trib!

  2. No Gloves, No Masks; SORRY, NO BUSINESS from my family. Doesn` show much real concern for customers.

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