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Gym-goers turn to home exercise routines with the help of dedicated coaches

Working out from home

Shelley and Kelly Cauble still get their regular Verus Strength and Fitness workouts in despite not being able to go to the gym. The Verus coaches hold training sessions via Zoom, where they can interact with clients as well as monitor their form. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the workouts go on. Courtesy photo

Shelley Cauble rolls out of bed and starts each day at 5 a.m. with a Verus Strength and Fitness workout, a routine she began in September 2019. Then, on most days, it’s off to work in Austin.

A few hours later, her husband, Kelly Cauble, tackles his Verus workout, something he’s been doing since June 2019.

“It’s changed my life,” Kelly said of the daily workouts.

Even though it meant heading to the Verus gym each day, they both looked forward to it. But when COVID-19 reached Texas and the governor ordered gyms closed, it looked as if the Caubles might lose an important part of their lives.

“When Calvin saw that they would be probably closing gyms, he and the coaches put a plan together,” said Shelley about Verus Strength and Fitness owner Calvin Richard. “So, the next day (after the gyms were closed), we were all logging on to Zoom and working out.”

Instead of heading to the Verus facility, the Caubles turn on their computer, link up with coaches, and work out under their tutelage along with others.

Shelley explained that the coaches are right there on Zoom with the participants, observing and making sure each person is doing the workout correctly. 

“They show you each (exercise) and then they watch your form,” she said. “They can see each of us and help us make adjustments if they see us doing something wrong.”

In doing so, Verus coaches create a sense of accountability.

“I couldn’t do this without the coaches,” Kelly said. “I know I can’t do this by myself.”

1 thought on “Gym-goers turn to home exercise routines with the help of dedicated coaches

  1. What a super exercise group. ZOOM isn’t nearly as good as doing the Verus class in person, but Calvin (Go Hard) Richard and the coaches adapted and we keep working our routines on line. Great coaching and great teamwork.

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