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Burnet City Council authorized the purchase of two new ambulances during its April 28 meeting. One will be for emergency response; the other for patient transfers.

The two vehicles being replaced are 2013 models with 200,000 miles and 150,000 miles on them, respectively.

“Sometimes, the mileage on these ambulances is a little deceiving because these are sitting in the bay, not running, and then they’re turned on and they go,” said Fire Chief Mark Ingram, who presented the new purchases before City Council. “It’s not like your car, where it has a little time to warm up. You don’t drive it like you stole it. They last a little longer. Whereas, these ambulances, the wear and tear on them is pretty bad.”

Both items are in the 2019-20 fiscal year budget. The approximate cost of the emergency response ambulance is $185,000. The transport van is about $95,000.

The new purchases would be added to the city of Burnet’s fleet of five emergency ambulances and three transport ambulances.