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Husband-wife coaching duo leaving Marble Falls for Llano

Coaches Rich and Tanya Powers leaving Marble Falls for Llano

Coaches Rich and Tanya Powers will join the Llano High School athletics department after working at Marble Falls High School for three years. Courtesy photo

Marble Falls High School coaches Rich and Tanya Powers resigned to take positions at Llano High School pending Llano Independent School District board approval.

The husband and wife worked at Marble Falls High School for three years.

Rich Powers, who was the head track-and-field coach and an assistant boys basketball coach at Marble Falls, will be the new Llano boys head basketball coach and assistant track coach.

“I have a great passion for both sports,” he said. “I’ve always had a ton of passion for both.”

Tanya Powers was the Lady Mustangs head volleyball coach and an assistant track-and-field coach. She will coach the Llano freshman volleyball team.

Rich Powers believes “there’s a ton of upside” by working at Llano.

In the coming school year, Llano is dropping from the 4A classification to 3A. The Yellow Jackets will possibly be one of the larger schools in 3A, by student numbers, which could give it an edge just on roster depth.

In boys basketball, it’s been several years since the Yellow Jackets qualified for the postseason. Rich Powers believes that could change.

“Llano has the probability to make the playoffs,” he said. “I think there’s a lot of potential.”

The couple have two sons, rising sophomore Owen and rising sixth-grader Zaydon.

“I have kids I want to see have success,” Rich Powers said. “I get to coach their sports. I think it’s going to be a good fit for both of my kids. It’s a great opportunity. We get to stay here and be around friends. I get to coach my sons. There’s a lot that’s appealing.”

While he’s been at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Powers has watched film of the Llano basketball team and their opponents. And he can assure Llano that his team will have one important trait.

“The biggest compliment from an opposing coach is hearing, ‘Your kids play hard,’” he said. “We will play exceptionally hard.”

The couple leave Marble Falls High School with plenty of good memories.

Tanya coached their daughter, senior Payton Powers, who will play volleyball at Texas Lutheran University next season.

Marble Falls Independent School District Athletic Director Rick Hoover said the department is putting plans in place to find replacements.

“They’re two great people,” he said. “Obviously, we hate to lose them, but that’s how things are. We wish them the best of luck. We’ll certainly miss them. They were well loved here, and they’ll do well in Llano.”

3 thoughts on “Husband-wife coaching duo leaving Marble Falls for Llano

  1. Why are they leaving a 5A program for a 3A program? Two words, Chris Allen. He is the common theme in every coach leaving for other places. The following is a sample of his destruction in just 5 years: 3 head football coaches, 3 head boys basketball coaches, 3 head girls basketball coaches, 3 head volleyball coaches, 3 head baseball coaches, 3 head track coaches, 2 head cross country coaches, 3 head softball coaches (Hoover/Allen is forcing Richter to leave), 3 head girls soccer coaches, 2 head tennis coaches, 3 athletic directors, 3 girls coordinators, 3 principals at the high school, will have 3rd principal at the middle school, 2 middle school coordinators for the boys and girls and countless other assistant coaches and administrators. WAKE UP PEOPLE OF MARBLE FALLS!!! This pattern of leadership is leading to the destruction of our athletic programs and we are losing great people who care about our kids. I am sick of it and it is time to get Christopher out of this town. The school board does not represent all of us and are only interested in their own personal agendas and getting their family members hired and promoted. Name 1 great hire that has stayed for his entire time as the superintendent? You can’t, because they are leaving or have already left. We need new leadership that understands our town and knows how to hire and retain great people. Get him outta here!!!

    1. I’m so glad my kids graduated already and I don’t have to worry about the constant coaching turnover. Marble Falls is in trouble, big trouble. The middle school is about to have the state intervene due to poor test scores. Athletics is unsuccessful across the board. Turnover is way above the average. With all that being said, Chris Allen got a 17% raise. First and foremost, who gets 17% raises. Secondly, how does he get that raise given these results.

  2. Being selfish, I hate to see them leave, but proud for them and glad they will be in the area, so I can keep up with them. Best of luck.

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