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Marble Falls EDC allocates funds for downtown plaza project

Downtown Marble Falls plaza plan

The Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation wants to give the public space on the southeast side of Third and Main streets a new look. The project, 209 Main Plaza, calls for more green space, a history walk, and even a splash pad. Rendering courtesy of Marble Falls EDC

The Marble Falls Economic Development Corporation unanimously approved a construction plan for the 209 Main Plaza project during a special February 18 meeting.

The plaza would be located in the public space on the southeast side of the intersection of Third and Main streets.

The first step of the plaza design is removing asphalt that lines the former police department building and installing a lawn area with four new trees and a stone pathway.

The EDC allotted $20,000 for the construction plan for this part of Phase 1. The EDC and a team within the city are working with PLACE Designers to produce the concept for the planned downtown plaza at the corner of Main and Third.

The plaza, once all phases are completed, according to the proposed plan, will contain a splash pad, chess tables, a water wall and more greenery. The area already has Harmony Park, which features several outdoor instruments.

2 thoughts on “Marble Falls EDC allocates funds for downtown plaza project

  1. I love the splash pad idea but the location is so limited on parking. The splash pad in Llano is a huge success and includes a picnic area where people host birthday parties. Hopefully this one will as well but the parking availability is not good.

  2. The city should put these downtown main street improvements on the ballot so that taxpayers may vote on how their taxes are being spent. Better yet put up parking meters downtown so that the when tourist and downtown business owners and their personnel park they help pay for all these downtown improvements. I work downtown and most of the citizens of Marble Falls don’t come downtown so why should their taxes be used for these improvements?

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