Marble Falls utility rates rising to pay for wastewater plant expansion

Marble Falls wastewater treatment plant

City of Marble Falls residents will see an increase in their utility bills starting November 30. The city issued $2.2 million in bonds to expand the wastewater treatment plant due to state regulations. File photo

After the Marble Falls wastewater treatment plant exceeded 75 percent of its capacity for three straight months earlier this year, the state of Texas instructed the city to begin expanding the facility, and utility customers will foot the bill.

To cover the expansion, the city issued $2.2 million in bonds, and now Marble Falls utility customers will see the effects, starting with their November 30 bill.

The city is raising utility rates an average of 8 percent to support the bond payments. Irrigation and bulk water rates will not increase.

The current Marble Falls plant is permitted to treat 1.5 million gallons of wastewater daily. Under Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulations, a city or utility must expand its plant if the facility reaches 75 percent of its capacity for three straight months.

The Marble Falls plant did that from January through March 2019.

Since the city operates the water and wastewater utilities on a revenue-neutral budget, which helps keep rates as affordable as possible for customers, bonds are needed to fund substantial projects.

The $2.2 million of bonds will be issued to initiate the design for expanding the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant and rehabilitation of an aging water clarifier at the facility.

Call City Hall at 830-693-3615 for more information.

2 thoughts on “Marble Falls utility rates rising to pay for wastewater plant expansion

  1. As Marble Falls population increases so does the usage on it’s infrastructure. Where possible the city has reduced taxes several times. Seems to me like this is a time where we need to pay for updating to our waste water treatment facilities and there’s a need to raise funds to pay for it. Thus the current bonds being issued.

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