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Voters: Double Horn to remain city amid state’s lawsuit

Double Horn, Texas

The city of Double Horn is located north of Texas 71 in the Spicewood area. File photo

Double Horn remains a city after voters defeated an initiative to end the young municipality.

On the November 5 ballot, Double Horn voters were asked if they wanted abolish the city. The measure was defeated 85 votes to 73.

“I’m pleased with the results,” Mayor Cathy Sereno stated in a media release. “It’s now time for the community to come together, to work together, to move our city forward. As a new city, we have a great deal of work to do and need to stay focused on what’s important to our citizens.”

Residents voted in December 2018 to incorporate the Double Horn community, located in the Spicewood area. In February 2019, residents elected their first mayor, five aldermen, and a marshal.

Double Horn faces legal challenges as the Texas Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit alleging the city was illegally incorporated. The matter is working its way through the courts.

Sereno stated the City Council’s top priority is to determine its next steps regarding the lawsuit.

In August, some Double Horn residents presented a petition to the city requesting another election regarding incorporation.

The next City Council meeting is 7 p.m. Thursday, November 14, at the Spicewood Community Center, 7901 CR 404 in Spicewood.

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