Marble Falls and Bastrop both looking for district win

Marble Falls football

The Marble Falls Mustangs host the Bastrop Bears in a District 13-5A Division II contest October 18. Kickoff is 7 p.m. at Mustang Stadium, 2101 Mustang Drive. Photo by Martelle Luedecke/Luedecke Photography


Just how meaningful is the District 13-5A Division II matchup between the Marble Falls and Bastrop high school football teams? Consider this: One year ago, the Bears had a 1-2 record when they hosted the Mustangs, who were looking for their first district win.

Bastrop defeated the Mustangs 34-7 to even their record and used the victory to propel them to the playoffs.

Marble Falls didn’t lose another game the rest of the way, handing eventual district champion Leander Glenn its first loss of the regular season, keeping Pflugerville Weiss winless, and beating Bastrop Cedar Creek, which eliminated the Eagles from playoff contention. That three-game winning streak was the first for the Mustangs since the 2011 season.

The 2019 game, which kicks off at 7 p.m. Friday, October 18, is just as important, according to both head coaches, since each team is looking for its first district win of the season. The Bears are 3-3 overall and 0-3 in district. The Mustangs are 0-6 overall and 0-3 in district.

The contest will be played at Mustang Stadium, 2101 Mustang Drive. Fans can listen to the game on KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune or at beginning with the “Highland Lakes Coaches Roundup” at 6 p.m.

Bears head coach Todd Patmon told his players to ignore the Mustangs’ winless record.

“Marble Falls kids are playing extremely hard,” he said.

Mustangs head coach Brian Herman said the Bears feature fast and athletic players.

“The matchups all are dangerous,” he said.

Bastrop is led by senior quarterback Desmond Young, a Houston Baptist University commit, who has 42 of 97 completions for 498 yards and two touchdowns and 251 rushing yards and two scores on 74 carries. He only has one interception.

He is one of three Bears who have more than 200 yards rushing. The others are senior running back Jade Albritton, who has 48 carries for 241 yards and a touchdown, and senior running back Tyrin Smith with 37 carries for 204 yards and two scores. Smith has received an offer from Grambling State University.

Senior Payten Parsons is Bastrop’s top receiver. He has 14 catches for 268 yards and two touchdowns.

Herman said the Bears’ spread offense is used to the run the football, which means they want to create space to make it difficult on defenses to cover and tackle ball carriers after the play produces positive yards.

“They have quarterback draws,” he said. “If somebody isn’t open, he’ll tuck it and run.”

Patmon said injuries have forced coaches to have a “running back by committee” approach after losing one back for the season, another for five games, and two more for two contests.

The Bears lean on senior offensive lineman Mark Currie, who is 6 feet 5 inches and weighs 353 pounds, to help get the running game going.

Defensively, Bastrop is led by senior linebackers Logan Gaskey, who has 48 tackles, and Xavier Williams, who has 39 tackles. Senior defensive back Fayzion Madison has 33 tackles.

“They have guys upfront who can cause us fits,” Herman said about Bastrop’s defensive line.

Marble Falls will counter with sophomore quarterback Jake Becker, senior fullback Gabriel Barker, and senior running back Lance Poling.

One part of the Mustangs’ slot-T offense, a run-based scheme that emphasizes misdirection and confusion, is it allows Marble Falls to control the clock and limit the opponent’s offensive snaps.

“They won’t be in rhythm,” Herman said said of the Bastrop offense. “It keeps our defense fresher. Our defensive captains enjoy seeing our offense on the field. They’re getting to watch the game, and they’re getting fresh legs.”

Herman noted the Mustangs can see the progress they’re making in understanding the offense. They can see themselves making the proper blocks using the correct technique and footwork. The backs are trusting their linemen by going through the exact seam.

“The kids are coming to the sideline and they’re talking about what might work,” Herman said. “It’s exciting to hear the kids talking about it.

“There’s no quit in our kids,” he added.

4 thoughts on “Marble Falls and Bastrop both looking for district win

  1. I hate to say it but we will lose again tonight. Herman and is outdated offense need to go coach somewhere else. The coaching at MFISD is atrocious at all grade levels. The Varsity has scored 44 points all year!!! East View scored 44 point on us. If people can’t see what’s going on with Chris Allen very soon and make some changes I’m moving. This is not fair to our kids. They need to be motivated. It’s not happening. I can go on and on. Let’s count the coaches that have left since Chris Allen has shown up? Why hire Herman with a losing record and a Slot-T offense? Chris….you should be ashamed of yourself. Let me coach. I will do it for free. We will be competitive.

  2. I totally agree Jason. I’ve been saying it all year! The slot t is not as complex as everyone thinks, same blocking techniques that have been taught for ages. These kids are losing interest because they are not being successful. It’s really a shame to see and watch. Changes need to be made, very soon. This is 5A football, we need to be competitive!

  3. Wow, there’s so many football experts on the internet. BTW, how did those predictions work out?

  4. Not defending the current administration, but you’re both absolutely in denial and looking to blame the easiest target. How millennial of you….this town breeds uncompetitive attitudes and stokes the ‘you owe me’ mentality. We’ve been thru all sorts of coaches and offenses and administrators…none of our teams have been competitive at the level of rival schools becuase the kids don’t have the desire and drive to become winners, thry expect a trophy because they showed up…and thr parents try to place the blame on everyone except themselves and their kids for not letting them relive their Glory days thru their kids. The school is here to teach and turn out capable children. I do agree with you, you should move and take the other parents that whine and complain but don’t ever take the blame for they and their kid’s failures.

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