After accident, MFISD reminds students to look both ways


A 15-year-old Marble Falls Middle School student sustained minor injuries on campus after his head struck a slow-moving pickup truck’s passenger-side mirror October 1. Now, school officials are asking parents to tell their children to look both ways before crossing a road — even at school.

“We want to remind parents and students to always think about safety,” said Soor-el Puga, spokesman for the Marble Falls Independent School District. “We hope parents remind their students to always look both ways. That’s something we’re always doing at school, talking about safety and being safe.”

The student was back in school the next day, Puga added.

According to the Marble Falls Police Department, the accident happened at 3:08 p.m. behind the school where buses and parents pick up students. An unoccupied bus was sitting in a lane nearest to the school, and passenger cars were picking up students in the adjacent lane.

The student ran around the front of the bus and made a sharp turn to run alongside it, according to the police statement. A pickup truck in the second lane was traveling at a low rate of speed, when the youth’s head struck the vehicle’s mirror.

“The juvenile sustained minor scrapes for the fall and was transported to Scott and White hospital in Marble Falls as precautionary measure,” according to the Marble Falls Police Department. “No violations occurred, and the operator of the Dodge truck was not charged with an offense.”

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