Highland Lakes flirts with 100 before summer ‘cold’ front

Weekend high temperatures will flirt with triple digits with Friday possibly reaching 100 degrees.

If you can hold on until Tuesday, a summer “cold” front should ease the heat.

According to the National Weather Service, after Friday swelters near the century mark, the mercury should drop a degree or two through Monday.

So plan accordingly, especially if you have outdoor activities. Some tips for staying safe in the heat include:

  • drink plenty of water
  • seek shade whenever possible
  • wear light, loose-fitting clothing
  • conduct outdoor activities in the morning or later in the evening
  • check on elderly family members or neighbors as well as others who might be more susceptible to the heat

On Tuesday, what meteorologist are describing as a summer cold front should push through the area, dropping highs back to the mid- to lower 90s into Wednesday.

The front brings a 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday as well.


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