Winter is still here; cold temps, possible sleet coming


After Highland Lakes residents were dressing in shorts and T-shirts the past few days, Mother Nature will send a reminder that February is still, technically, winter.

While daytime highs were in the 70s, and clipped the 80-degree mark, this week, a cold front crashes the party late Thursday, Feb. 7.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures will reach about 61 degrees Thursday before the front pushes in and the mercury drops to below freezing overnight into Friday. Some spots in the Highland Lakes could be in the lower 30s and upper 20s.

As the front moves across the Highland Lakes from Thursday into Friday, wind speeds will hover at 15-17 mph with gusts up to 24 mph.

On Friday, starting at about 7 a.m., the Highland Lakes could see some precipitation, a 30 percent chance until about 4 p.m., according to the NWS.

Friday morning temperatures mixed with precipitation could mean a slight possibility of freezing rain, sleet, or snow.

The colder temperatures continue throughout the weekend with highs reaching the lower 40s Friday and Saturday before inching back into the mid-50s by Sunday. By Monday, the Highland Lakes should return to the mid-60s.

However, rain chances increase to about 50 percent Saturday night through Monday.

So tuck away those warm-weather clothes for a few more days and pull out the sweaters and coats for at least this weekend. And keep your umbrella close at hand.

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