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As the administrative assistant for the Marble Falls parks and public works departments for a number of years, Monique Breaux already played a role in the city’s recreational programs. That role just got bigger as Breaux was hired as the newly created city recreation coordinator.

And she’s ready to get going, including implementing ideas such as her “Recreation Station,” a four-part plan to improve communication with other organizations, including youth leagues and senior citizen groups; grow participation in free city activities; and cultivate existing partnerships with local businesses, grants, and donors.

“We’re all on the same team,” Breaux said. “Why shouldn’t we all be on the same page?”

The plan is one of the things she shared during an interview with City Manager Mike Hodge, city human resources Director Angel Alvarado, and parks and recreation Director Robert Moss.

Breaux, in fact, was the only person called in for an interview.

“She might have been the only internal applicant, but she was the right applicant,” Moss said.

He added that Breaux has been growing into this position, even before it existed, for many years.

Over the past several years, Breaux has helped expand the city’s Spring Break week of activities from 600 young participants to more than 2,000. She also helped raise money through grants and donations to ensure those activities remain free to the city’s children. In addition, she has gotten more local businesses involved in offering Spring Break activities in the past two years, Moss said.

“She has a passion for that,” he said.

Breaux said she understands the caution some association and organization leaders, as well as other people, exhibit when they talk to members of city hall. But she wants to assure them that city leaders want the same thing they do: to enhance the quality of life for residents.

“The Parks and Recreation Department is small in terms of staff, budget, and resources; however, we are not small in terms of responsibility and our commitment to creating lasting memories for all residents and visitors alike,” Breaux said. “I am thrilled to have been offered this new position.”

2 thoughts on “Marble Falls fills newly created recreation coordinator job

  1. I’m glad to see this position and I feel like Monique will do a great job. We have enjoyed getting to know her during our Amateur Sports Committee meetings. It is great that Marble Falls Rec is taking this step forward for the community and willing/eager to bring new, fresh ideas to the city in the sports realm. We have a lot of very talented youth in our community that deserve a chance to play at a higher level and we (Crusader’s Select Baseball) see that a lot of
    our local youth travel out of town to play sports and they shouldn’t have to do that with the growing population that we have now in Marble Falls. Good luck Monique !

  2. Well, Marble Falls is ahead of the game (no pun intended)on this deal. This is a step usually taken after a community goes through the process of having a consulting company study and report the need for more beds for heads. The sports coordinator is usually additionally tasked with managing to secure opportunities to host tournaments in the various sports, thereby helping the occupancy rate in hotels,and increasing a return on the hotel motel tax. I live in a community that has done that very thing. It is amazing to see the city take credit for bringing in the tournaments and filling up those hotels. I have yet to see a report on the impact of the occupancy rate, but my guess is, it will spin to be huge. I wish this lady a lot of luck. But I really wonder should cities be in charge of these things. It appears as though it might be like herding cats.

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