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LLANO — Several Llano High School seniors face disciplinary action after they were involved in an after-hours “prank” at the campus that included damaging equipment and moving around furniture, according to a statement by Llano Independent School District administrators.

The incident at the high school, 2509 Texas 16, occurred the night of May 20. Law enforcement and a school maintenance staff alerted school officials to the student-caused mess at about 1:30 a.m. May 21.

“The initial discovery was (plastic)-wrapped desks. They had pulled desks out into the hallway. They hung a poster,” Llano ISD Superintendent Mac Edwards said. “They didn’t break a window or a door (to gain entry). Either they crawled through a window that was open or someone had a key.”

Nearly 30 high school seniors participated in the incident on campus, but school officials focused on a smaller number, considered to be the most egregious offenders.

“There have been some discipline actions taken on some of those students,” Edwards said.

The main concerns were damage to school property as well as students on campus after hours and unsupervised.

“There was a little property damage,” Edwards said. “There was a piece of technology that was broken. A document camera was broken.”

School officials would not discuss the discipline measures taken against the offenders but confirmed the district worked out an arrangement involving the $500 loss of equipment.

“The document camera is being paid for,” Edwards said.

The senior students who participated in the prank will be able to take part in graduation ceremonies.

“It does not adversely affect their graduation practices this year, but that’s what may be considered if it happens in the future,” said Edwards, who is serving in his first school year with the district. “Prank or no prank, it’s a hazard to students and also a liability to our district.”

Officials said the mess not only led to punishment but prompted a warning against the so-called tradition in which senior students play a prank on other students and staff.

During the time of the five- to six-year practice, one previous senior class filled the hallways at night with signs and balloons.

In each incident, including the latest one, maintenance crews have managed to clean the mess prior to the start of the following school day.

“There will be some changes,” Edwards said. “We will advise strongly against (the end-of-year senior prank) in the future.”

2 thoughts on “Messy Llano High School senior ‘prank’ results in broken equipment, students disciplined

  1. Another example of spoiled and willful kids in the Llano ISD…They need to be punished but it will likely not happen in a district where all you ever hear is kids will be kids no matter what they do.

  2. The entire Senior Class had to clean it up not the maintenance crew. The information you got from the Superintendent is false!

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