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MARBLE FALLS — The Picayune and KBEY 103.9 FM Radio Picayune management is reminding businesses that get unsolicited calls regarding their Locals Love Us awards to tell the caller they’ll be contacting the station and newspaper office directly.

Since Feb. 7, several Highland Lakes businesses reported getting unsolicited phone calls regarding contracts about Local Love Us trophies or plaques. But Mandi Wyatt, The Picayune associate publisher, advised that the sales staff wasn’t making any such solicitations.

The calls are apparently originating from a variety of numbers, though “KBEY” came up on at least one caller identification. Wyatt asked that businesses contacted by someone saying they represent Locals Love Us to not give out any personal, business, or credit card information.

Instead, contact her at The Picayune and KBEY business office at (830) 693-7152.

1 thought on “SCAM: Contact Picayune/KBEY office if you receive Locals Love Us call

  1. thank you for posting this…. happens to people that get People’s Choice from Highlander as well.

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