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BURNET — While the calendar says it’s fall, the temperatures haven’t quite reflected the season, but that’s about to change.

Highland Lakes residents can expect warm weather Friday, Oct. 13 and Saturday, Oct. 14 as temperatures climb into the upper 80s on both days. Mostly sunny skies will make it feel even a bit warmer through Saturday, but then things begin to take on a new feel.

Overnight Saturday and into Sunday a front will move into the area dropping temperatures and increasing chances for rain and thunderstorms. The National Weather Service has a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms on Sunday, Oct. 15 with highs hovering in the upper 60s throughout the day.

The storms should pass by early afternoon Sunday, ushering in more postcard-like conditions for Monday. The NWS is forecasting sunny skies Monday with the high near 71 degrees.

Lows will dip into the lower 50s Sunday night into Monday, and then drop into the upper 40s Monday night into Tuesday.

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