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GRANITE SHOALS — Granite Shoals city officials will host a town hall meeting to discuss road infrastructure, bond money, and other potential funding sources slated to help fund proposed projects.

The meeting is 9 am.-11 a.m. Oct. 14 at Granite Shoals City Hall, 2221 N. Phillips Ranch Road.

Last November, voters approved $3 million in bond money for the repair of North Phillips Ranch Road, Valley View, and Prairie Creek.

A recently failed attempt to get a state matching grant hastened the city to find additional funding for projects.

4 thoughts on “Granite Shoals holding town hall meeting Oct. 14 over road bond

  1. A road/the roads need to be done correctly or not at all. Over-laying the roads with new asphalt lasts between 6 months to a year. It is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and shows only short term investment in our city.
    I highly suspect Granite Shoals will dump the entire budget into the first mile or so of Phillips Ranch Road in order to beautiful that tiny portion of Granite Shoals while letting the rest of the major roadways continue to fall into disrepair.

  2. Sadly, this is all a bad farce. There was no grant applied for as the city encouraged people to believe in the process of getting the bonds passed for matching funds, in the first place. The previous comment is also under the illusion encouraged by the city. The city’s own arterial roads studies and findings do actually and clearly show that the Phillips Ranch Road is the least traveled and least in need of re-building than the other two arterial roadways.

    There is no question that a part of Phillips Ranch Road from 1431 to Newcastle street is not in good condition but due to city allowed quarry and other city uses, heavy trucks and equipment. The damages are not from normal use and higher traffic as is suggested but never proven by studies.

    The Town Hall is not about any proposing of other resources as stated in the article. The Town Hall meeting has but a single purpose of encouraging citizens to pass a very poorly qualified bond uses proposal. The fact that the city’s committee on the Roads Bonds matter has prohibited citizens from making comments and any real discussions about the projects they are proposing for those bonds is very telling about the severe lack of transparency and willingness for more active citizens involvement in the decision making processes. Therefore, it is, as the Town Hall will be, a farcical event production.

    One other fault of this article is that the Grant (that was never applied for) was not a state grant but rather a Federal USDA grant. It appears again, that this article, like other prior about City matters from Granite Shoals, are little more than city personnel written advertisements. This is sad and worrisome that such a “newspaper” as this feels such a need for this and refuses to investigate, write articles, and print many other serious and controversial issues going on in Granite Shoals.

  3. Hopyfully this will help get a solid plan together and make something happen.

    Every person I’ve ever talked to that has journeyed down Phillips ranch road has said how horrible of a road it is and how the horrible Granite Shoal City Council cannot get ANYTHING done……

    The residents Of Granite Shoals will make this change.

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