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Granite Shoals City HallGRANITE SHOALS — The Granite Shoals City Council is proposing to nudge up the property tax rate by about 1.6 cents, but residents still have time to put in their two cents about the change.

The council approved a proposed rate of 56.32 per $100 for the 2017-18 fiscal year during a special meeting Aug. 10. The current rate is 54.72 cents.

For a home with a taxable value of $100,000, that’s an increase of less than $16 a year, City Manager Ken Nickel said.

The increase will allow city officials to increase fire coverage and have two full-time firefighters 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Currently, only one firefighter works the 8 p.m.-8 a.m. shift. So if there’s a call, that individual must wait on another firefighter to get to the station before the two go out to handle it together.

“I think that’s the big thing,” Nickel said. “We’ll have a change to increase our staff.”

Public hearings are set for the council’s regular meetings Aug. 24 and 31. The council is expected to vote on the tax increase Sept. 7.

7 thoughts on “Granite Shoals proposes property tax rate bump to increase fire protection

  1. People complain about how expensive it is in Austin and how it is one of the highest costs of living in the state. Interesting to note that the City of Austin tax rate is 0.441800/$100. This is almost 24% LESS than Granite Shoals’ current .5472/$100. Combined with the very high MFISD (7% higher than AISD), Granite Shoals has a very burdensome tax rate. Of course the granite palace on the hill says it all!

  2. I wonder if anyone ever considered a volunteer fire department? I lived in a couple of towns in the past, and there were willing soles available and did really well.

  3. We need a sewer system before most business’s would want to come here

  4. It seems to me, we have enough land available along the highway in Granite Shoals, that with the right recruiter, some new businesses could be invited here. Many of our dollars are spent in Marble False that could be spent here. There is a car wash that that has been sitting idle for years. Here again, many of us need our cars washed and go else where. So, should the burden always be placed on the back of the people, or with some planning let others carry carry apportion of the load

  5. So Marble Falls is lowering taxes and Granite Shoals wants to raise them. =/

    1. Granite Shoals always raises their tax rates every year. It is the city manager’s only known way for economic development. He makes more money than many area City Manager’s with a town among the poorest. Somehow they need to pay him. Raising taxes is as good as way as any, because he has never shown any manner nor means of knowledge toward improving GS economics. The council also has no one that thinks or for the people and the tax-paying citizens.

      By the way… the city suckered the citizens into voting for their road bonds by telling the people it was for a grant that they never really actually applied for. The people are either culpable to flim-flam artists or stupid for continuing to vote for the liars.

    2. Marble falls may have lowered the rate and it’s great that they did but they are still getting more tax dollars due to value increases and more things have been built. Now if they would sink it back down to what it was in 09 before they dbl it then maybe folks could say hey good going.

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