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LLANO — Despite the impact it might have on their city property taxes, Llano residents gave a thumbs-up to major road spending, and in Granite Shoals, voters decided to stick with the mayor they know instead of taking a chance on a new face.

In the city of Llano, voters had three choices on the ballot, including a proposition to allow businesses to sell liquor by the drink. They approved all three measures.

Voters approved a proposition authorizing the issuance of $4.785 million in bonds for street maintenance and repairs. The proposition passed 288-146. A bond proposition that allows the city to issue $500,000 in bonds for city parks and recreation passed 260-174.

The two bond propositions could bump up the city ad valorem tax rate by almost 30 cents per $100 valuation.

On the other ballot measure, Llano voters approved a local option to allow businesses to sell liquor by the drink. The option passed 288-141.

In Granite Shoals, residents had a choice in the mayor’s race between incumbent Carl Brugger and challenger Mike Steenbergen.

The win went to Brugger by a 227-141 margin.

The council races were all unopposed with Anita Hisey, Jim Davant, and Todd Holland heading to the dais.

In Burnet, Crista Goble Bromley will be the city’s next mayor after winning 268-216 over Philip Thurman.

In the Burnet council race, Tres Clinton (323), Paul Farmer (314), and Cindia Talamantez (207) will all get a seat at the table. Milton “Mickey” Phair won the unexpired seat on the council.

In Bertram, voters chose Mike Dickinson (57), Pat Turner (33), and Jean Worrell (30) for city council. Voters also reauthorized a one-fourth of 1 percent sales tax for street maintenance.

Cottonwood Shores voters also said yes to a one-fourth of 1 percent sale tax rate for street maintenance and repairs by a 19-4 margin.

In Meadowlakes, Edwin O’Hayre won the Place 4 council seat with Bobby Brown picking up the Place 5 seat. David Barker ran unopposed for the Place 2 council seat.

In the only school district races, Burnet Consolidated Independent School District voters picked Suzanne Brown for Place 3 and Mark Kincaid for Place 7.

2 thoughts on “ELECTIONS: Llano votes ‘yes’ to liquor-by-the-drink; Brugger wins in Granite Shoals

  1. Loved the first comment about despite the impact on their taxes voters approved…. the vote passed due to the outright PR tailoring of this hike to the over 65 crowd. They were specifically excluded from the increase but were told they would get nice new roads paid for by others, namely us homeowners under 65. Just another example of the baby boomer entitlement mentality. Maybe that’s why they are known as the “me” generation. By the way the whole fixed income thing doesn’t fly. I haven’t gotten a raise that kept up with inflation for twenty years and I work for my money.

    1. Chris you sir are a dim wit. Baby Boomers have worked all their lives and many are still working. I am glad that someone from your generation actually has a job. Most of your generation doesnt, so dont come in here crying about how bad you have it. Suck it up buttercup. Be a man and move on. If you dont like the way things are going get out and do something to change it but DO NOT criticize an entire generation. What you call entitlement is something we have paid for all of our WORKING lives. You have no idea what hard times are about. Wait till you have lived a while and then come back.
      A.Baby Boomer

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