Marble Falls releases proposed design for hotel, conference center


The proposed site plan for a hotel/conference center in Marble Falls near Lakeside Park. Courtesy image

The proposed site plan for a hotel/conference center in Marble Falls near Lakeside Park. Illustration by Seaux Pierce Architecture

MARBLE FALLS — Officials have unveiled the proposed design for a hotel/conference center, expected to be under construction by late summer should all the investment, franchise, and development pieces fall into place.

A series of renderings, released by Seaux Pierce Architecture, has offered the first hint at what the multimillion-dollar project, launched as a private-public partnership, could become.

“These plans have come together based on input from the (proposed hotel) operator, from the development team,” said Christian Fletcher, executive director of the Marble Falls Economic Development Corp. “It includes room layouts and all levels of the hotel and conference center project.”

The 151 rooms are one part of the five-level, 130,000-square-foot structure.

The squared-off portion of the map indicates where the hotel/conference center (shown above) will be built near Lakeside Park in Marble Falls. Staff graphic

The squared-off portion of the map indicates where the hotel/conference center (shown above) will be built near Lakeside Park in Marble Falls. Staff graphic

The ground floor would cover 40,000 square feet and include a restaurant, a lobby, offices, a meeting space, and a ballroom.

“There’s a lot public area around (the outside of) it, a lot of sidewalks, connections to what we want to do in Johnson and Lakeside parks as well as the way we want to connect back to the Main Street district,” Fletcher said. “The restaurant is a key component to this. A lot of public interaction is what we’re planning with this space.”

Marble Falls city officials released the images March 24 during a Coffee with the Mayor event.

“This helps us put a finer point on each individual element based on input from all of the parties who are involved in this project,” Fletcher said of the architectural renderings.

Officials chose general contractor Austin Commercial, which is reportedly working on a final maximum price for the job that is estimated to cost between $26.5 million and $28.5 million.

A rendering of a proposed hotel/conference center from Main Street in Marble Falls. Illustration by Seaux Pierce Architecture

A rendering of a proposed hotel/conference center from Main Street in Marble Falls. Illustration by Seaux Pierce Architecture

If potential investors agree on a dollar figure then possible private funding and a construction date could be announced.

“We’re still hoping for a late summer groundbreaking,” Fletcher said.

The city of Marble Falls through EDC bond funding has committed approximately $6.5 million toward construction of the project.

“EDC funds are in hand in an account, haven’t been touched yet, and they won’t be touched until mobilization begins on the project,” Fletcher said. “The private lender, who our development partners have selected, (is) waiting on the guaranteed maximum price contract from the general contractor.”

A rendering of a proposed hotel/conference center from Avenue H in Marble Falls. Illustration by Seaux Pierce Architecture

A rendering of a proposed hotel/conference center from Avenue H in Marble Falls. Illustration by Seaux Pierce Architecture

Another component of the project involves the impending announcement of a possible name-brand hotel operator that could sign onto the project.

“There’s not been an official announcement. We know who we want to work with, and they’ve been very happy with the progress of the project,” Fletcher said. “(The potential hotel operators) have expended thousands of man hours on consulting on how the project will look, but until that operating agreement is signed, we won’t be able to announce who it is.”

Other aspects of the architectural design include a parking garage along Yett Street on the north side of the hotel/conference center.

“We’re all very pleased with the way it takes advantage of the site, and the progress that’s been made and the style, too,” he said. “We want it to feel like it fits.

“It will be spectacular for people coming into the lobby with the amount of glass and open elevation, two stories, to maximize the lake view and views of the bridge,” he added.

18 Responses to “Marble Falls releases proposed design for hotel, conference center”

  1. Lynette Holtz says:

    Hopefully the new site will encorporate native Landscaping for Central Texas that helps the bees and other pollinators rather than the bleak grass shown in the drawing . We want to educate visitors about native landscaping .

  2. Tim says:

    And everyone will have to eat at the blue bonnet cafe, Booooo. Time to build a Dennys or IHOP!!!

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    What is next? Are we to close the city pool? Block access to the other public parks? Close down or remove the soccer, softball, baseball fields. The public access to the lake seems it will be alleviated. Will all the reasons people live and raise their families in this town disappear? The near $30 million dollars going to be used for this project, that is going to take away family enjoyment could and should be used for the people of this town and community. If you want to attract people add something useful that will encourage involvement of the whole community.

  4. Tommy says:

    Where will the Boat Ramp be relocated to? There is not enough parking in at the Johnson Park rampsite.

  5. Katy says:

    I don’t like this proposed project. I feel it takes away from the friendly small town feel this area has always been known for.Plus this horrible building destroys the beautiful view for others.

  6. Another concerned citizen says:

    Great!! Now you are going to ruin everything that was natural and beautiful about Marble Falls for higher taxes, big buildings hiding the lake, free enjoyment and quiet peacefulness. Go ahead and ruin the one nice place people loved going to. The reason people live in a small town is obvious and now you want to ruin it like they have done the beaches.

  7. steve says:

    The biggest travesty is not that this could get built. People should be more in uproar in the fact that it is tax payers locally footing part of this project. Yes folks money you all pay in sales taxes. You are sort of a silent partner that we’ll won’t see a penny of it back in your pocket. Publuc-private partnerships are what? Yes the merger of state and corporate powers. And that means?

  8. Kelli says:

    So, what happens to the one place that older kids can enjoy outdoors, the skatepark??

  9. Cherie says:

    JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONEY PAYS BILLS!!!!!

  10. Crying disappointed Citizen says:

    This is sad and horrible. Completely taking away all the simplicity of what is Marble Falls. There wont be people flocking to this, such a waste of money

  11. disappointed Citizen says:

    How is a parking garage better? This is ugly.

  12. Common Sense says:

    Hey folks, check out the most recent Downtown Master Plan for answers to most of your questions. You’ll be pleased to find out that there is actually increased public access to the lake, a new pool (near Johnson Park), and more parking.

    Regarding local landscaping and natural beauty, there is an effort to do that with the area surrounding the hotel and conference center. The rendering is just that – a rendering. It’s not the final product. It’s in their best interest to preserve natural beauty of the area.

    Regarding restaurants, I hope, for the sake of all in Marble Falls, that neither Hooters or Twin Peaks come. The only purpose of such places is to devalue women and make a buck on cheap food. Additionally, if people argue about losing the small town feel and then for restaurants like those in the same breath, I don’t know what to think anymore.

  13. Shannon says:

    So are they going to redo the slogan..for a weekend or a lifetime to for however long you can afford? Also that picture of the lakefront will soon be just a picture of a hotel,apartments and other buildings. Where are the boat races going to be? Youre going to redo Johnson park, and where will all that extra parking come from? Oh yeah where the kids that dont matter play. Great thing I guess that at least Granite Shoals is going to provide something for them to do since the City of Marble Falls refuses to do anything for the youth. Also where is the pool being relocated to since we can’t swim in the lake after this? This is the worst plan from the City in awhile and yet they get to use your tax dollars to do it.

  14. Reginald McCowan says:

    I think the proposed hotel/convention center would be a great addition to the City of Marble Falls. Thousands of “weekenders” visit the Highland Lakes each summer, and let’s face it, Marble Falls is the “stepchild” of the six lakes. The residents and visitors of Horseshoe Bay only come in to Marble Falls to stock up on groceries at HEB. Could the lack of accommodations in Marble Falls be the reason for the lack of visitors? The hotel at Horseshoe Bay is host to numerous business retreats, weddings, and regional and local events. The proposed hotel/convention center in Marble Falls would become the latest and greatest facility in the area, and will possibly (and hopefully) become the go-to venue for these events.

    • steve says:

      Yea it may become the latest but there is no guarantee it will be the greatest facility in the area. And yes it would be A go to place but not The go to place. Marble falls has plenty of accommodations already. Oh and the reason so many visit hsb is because it’s well known. Has been for a long time. As far as folks coming to MFs for groceries at heb. Of course they do. It’s the biggest and closest for a wide area.

  15. Joe says:

    So, let me get this straight, we will lose ‘X’ number of feet of roadway, as taxpayer’s do we get a break on taxes? Just asking!! Another observation is, we will lose an entry/exist to this area, not sure how much thought the Marble Falls Economic Development Corp has given to this, but has anyone thought about safety? Especially building something of this magnitude it this area, “we will reduce the exits in this area by closing off one of the streets”, yeah, let’s do that!!


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