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MARBLE FALLS — The Marble Falls Parks and Recreation Commission has an open spot. And if you have time between lunch and fifth-period chemistry, the position could be yours.

Parks and Recreation Department Director Robert Moss pitched the idea of filling the commission opening with a high school student. Teenagers have been active in talks about the future of the city’s parks, most recently during a meeting on the Falls Creek Skatepark.

And Moss wants to keep that involvement going.

“I’d work with the school and try to find a student going into their junior year to do it for a full term,” he said. “There’s some value in engaging that part of the community.”

The city’s bylaws and charters are specific about qualifications of serving on a board, the director added, including being a registered voter. So before city hall can proceed, Moss said modifications would need to be made to allow a student to fulfill a two-year term.

Moss said he plans to contact Marble Falls Independent School District officials to talk about the possibility. Parks commissioners meet the first Monday of each month at noon in the council chambers at city hall, so students would need permission to leave school to attend.

Commissioner Charles Watkins believes having a younger voice at the meetings will not only bring diversity but also encourage that student to continue volunteering and helping their community after high school.

“It’s a nice thing to have on your résumè,” Watkins said. “I hope they’ll bring a different point of view. We need to stay in touch with kids in a way to keep in mind the needs of that group.”

And since younger residents use the parks every day, a different perspective would be beneficial to the parks system.

“We want to anticipate future needs, and we’re looking for ways to provide better parks, new facilities we could add,” Watkins said.

The parks and recreation commission spot is available because Mark McCary’s term has expired.

For more on Marble Falls parks, go to and click on “Parks and Recreation” under the “Your Government” heading.

2 thoughts on “Marble Falls parks commission seeks younger perspective

  1. Does the park director or the commission members ever read the city charter. In order to serve on boards and commissions one must be a registered voter of the city. How many high school students fit that requirement?

    1. Steve:

      You are absolutely correct that the City Charter does currently require board members to be registered voters in the City of Marble Falls. While this is the case now, it can be changed in the future if the idea is one that our community feels is worth pursuing. Perhaps there are other ways such as a youth advisory sub-committee. The main point of the idea is to somehow engage our youth to have them represented, and later involved, in the future of our community. Our kids are interested and I believe would like a say.

      If you have any other comments or ideas that you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me. My contact information can be found at


      Robert Moss
      Parks and Recreation Director
      City of Marble Falls

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