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MARBLE FALLS — The start of preparations for LakeFest means a call for volunteers to help with the event.

The 24th annual liquid quarter-mile races on Lake Marble Falls begins Aug. 7 with qualifying events. And to host an event of this size, which has drawn 10,000 spectators to Lakeside Park, the Marble Falls/Lake LBJ Chamber of Commerce is in need of volunteers with various skills.

“I would encourage our folks, our citizens who haven’t volunteered in the last couple of years to come out,” Executive Director Bill Rives said. “It’s really a fun time.”

Rives admitted he had some perceptions of the event before he saw for himself that those impressions were off base.

Among them were how racers treat others and the cooperation between attendees and organizers.

“Our racers couldn’t be a group of nicer people,” he said. “It’s a great bunch of people, and it’s a fun afternoon being in our park.”

Afternoon shifts are as few as two hours Aug. 8-9, though volunteers are needed throughout the morning, too.

“Friday is more of a relaxed day,” the director said. “We don’t have quite the crowd on Friday. Saturday and Sunday are big days.”

Volunteers will be asked to drive carts from Lakeside Park to Johnson Park to pick up and drop off people, work booths under tents selling T-shirts, food and drinks or even be errand runners.

“It’s nice to have somebody sit there and be a runner if that’s what we need,” Rives said. “They’re not outside in the direct heat.”

And if folks won’t be in the city for the festival, Rives said the chamber has pre-race needs such as putting up signs and banners along fences and other places across the parks.

For their efforts, volunteers can keep the LakeFest T-shirts that will give them access to the festival once their shifts are complete.

“It’s not all sacrifice,” Rives said with a smile.

Go to for more information on the event. Call the chamber at (830) 693-2815 for more on volunteering.

1 thought on “Marble Falls chamber seeks volunteers for LakeFest

  1. I’m thinking that the chamber makes enough off of this that they can afford to pay some workers. This event makes money for a very few businesses and the chamber makes a ton on alcohol sales.

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