Tourism, sales tax to boost Marble Falls budget for roads, water, police

Marble Falls City Hall


MARBLE FALLS — With a hint into future budget talks, city leaders say they anticipate more road improvements, a water system expansion and a new police station for the upcoming fiscal year — all while keeping the same tax and water rates.

Marble Falls City Manager Mike Hodge credits, in part, climbing sales-tax figures, which contribute to the vast majority of the city’s revenue.

“We’re up about 6½ percent in sales-tax revenues,” Hodge said. “We’re seeing a rebound in the local economy, the fact that the hospital is in place, and we see a local investment of more people coming to the community than ever before.”

The Baylor Scott & White Hospital-Marble Falls, located on Texas 71 just off U.S. 281, is a 46-bed, 188,000-square-foot, four-story facility expected to be open in August.

The city’s tax rate is $0.6485 per $100 property valuation with a city budget of about $15 million.

City staff anticipates an increase in the street maintenance budget to $100,000; $4.5 million in water and wastewater plant expansion and upgrades to be funded with bond money; and a new $3 million police station with bond money already approved for its development.

“Our strategy is to go with the same tax rate as last year,” Hodge said.

Marble Falls City Council members will meet June 9 for their first retreat to begin planning for the 2015-16 fiscal year and provide insight into budget and tax considerations.

“It’s primarily focused on doing a visioning session with our council,” Hodge said.

Possible discussions include infrastructure, water rates, development and sales-tax dollars — among the foundation for upcoming budget workshops.

“We’ve seen a 2-percent increase in assessed property values,” Hodge said. “We’ll see some more growth that will be added to that.”

The council planning retreat is scheduled for 8 a.m. June 9 at La Quinta Inn, 501 FM 2147 West.

A city budget workshop is scheduled for July 23 at city hall, 800 Third St.

4 thoughts on “Tourism, sales tax to boost Marble Falls budget for roads, water, police

  1. If council would realize the importance of getting the downtown signage that was approved, and is getting delayed because someone on council cannot pick a color, we , the downtown merchants that depend on walk in traffic would be thrilled to add to the tax revenue. We have a wonderful downtown Main Street area. If council would show more concern about what we need to increase our business, us merchants would gratefully appreciate it. Our livelihood depends on our sales, not council’s guaranteed paycheck. I am Choccolatte’s on Third St., and every since I put my “Choccolatte’s” sign facing Hwy 281 on the alley side of our building facing Hwy 281, I bring in a lot of traffic to my store, and probable to the rest of downtown. Council, DO YOUR JOB, and give a care about us. We need those signs to show that Hwy 281 is NOT our Main St.This greatly contributes to the fact that MANY businesses have closed, because they CANNOT make it, for lack of business. Show us you care about us.

    1. I’m sorry if I was out of place in my before my coffee in this morning’s post. We went to a meeting last October which the signage was approved, and we thought a color was chosen. That is a long time ago, and the sense of urgency for helping us on Main st. is the best I can see not important to some as it is to us. This is our livelihood, and we need to be outspoken for what we believe. There is no way you can convince any of us on Main St. that signs won’t bring us more business. We have a new Mayor now that I think will help us, and he has my support. Again, I’m sorry if I was offensive.

      Steve Parsons

    2. In putting my money where my mouth is, I will give up to $1000.00 of my money to fund the signs. I know I will get it back many times over.

      Steve Parsons

  2. A Visioning with our council. .Hmm that sounds more like the old Dangling of the Golden carrot at the end of a stick method of getting the council members to follow blindly into the wish list that,s a mile long and paid for by OPM.

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