Marble Falls dog park should be up and running soon


MARBLE FALLS — Even lead organizer Megan Klaeger can’t believe how quickly the Marble Falls Dog Park has come together.

The week of Jan. 19, Klaeger met with Cactus Companies at Westside Park for the fencing of the planned dog park. The projected date of the grand opening for the dog park is in April. However, Klaeger said she is willing to have a soft opening, which would allow dog owners to use the park if the fence and other items are in place before April.

“We plan for the park to be open as early as March,” she said. “Cactus Companies gave us a very generous donation.”

Part of the donation has to do with the 5-foot high chain-link fence “with an elaborate entryway.”

Klaeger does not want the dog park to “feel like a prison,” which is the reason for the entry way.

In September, Klaeger appeared before the city’s parks and recreation commission to ask for land for the park.

By November, the commissioners unanimously voted to recommend that the city council approve the park after Klaeger gave detailed plans for the park, fundraising strategies, rules of the park, and legal filings to make a nonprofit.

And, on Jan. 6, the council gave its approval after Klaeger assured members she would raise the money herself for the park. All she needed from the city was land.

The projected cost of Phase I is $10,000. She already has raised about $3,000 and has an anonymous donor willing to give up to $7,500 in matching funds.

“We still do need more funds to complete the landscaping and signage and other amenities,” she said. “Those are toys and things for the dogs to crawl under or over.”

She will file paperwork Jan. 27 for the dog park to be a 501(c)(3) for nonprofit status and has already assembled a board of directors.

Klaeger also needs volunteers for the dog park. Email for more information.

The dog facility will be at Westside Park, located at Second Street and Avenue Q.

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