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Marble Falls ministry plants seed for homeless shelter, needs help

Officials with Our Father's House have launched a shelter project by opening their first house on the grounds of Mustard Seed Ministries in Marble Falls. Monetary and material donations, construction volunteers and collabortions with area churches top their Christmas list to grow the program. Courtesy photo


MARBLE FALLS — The spiritual leaders of Mustard Seed Ministries concentrate their efforts on doing God’s work and following Biblical tenets.

“The church is called to take care of the widows and the orphans,” Pastor Dennis Cornelison said. “That’s what we’re bringing to the community. That follows what the Bible says the church is supposed to be doing.”

To that end, the ministry has launched Our Father’s House homeless shelter on the grounds of their church, located on Starhorn Road north of Marble Falls, just off U.S. 281.

“Financial needs are our greatest need,” he said.

Cornelison outlined the Christmas wish list for the ministry with the new project in mind. Needs include:

  • Identify and assist families in need
  • Find volunteers to help build more houses
  • Secure donations and/or construction materials
  • Combine efforts with other churches and nonprofits
  • Develop a centralized database to identify those in need

“We have so many churches, and we tend to look at our differences instead of those things we agree on,” he said.

Property managers Christopher and Dianna Teasdale said they are working to forge collabortions with nonprofit organizations to eventually create a self-sustaining property complete with a garden area and facilities for counseling and some education.

“We would like to provide (residents) with ways to get on their feet, so they’re not needing care long term,” Dianna Teasdale said.

Crews have completed one house, which will offer shelter and food for a 30-day period, as volunteers provide work resources, business, gardening and life skills as well as counseling referrals.

The first house, which has three beds, an efficiency kitchen and living quarters can accomodate six people.

“We’re looking for single moms with children who are destitute who don’t have a place to stay,” Christopher Teasdale said. “We’re looking for people who have found themselves without a home. With today’s economy that’s pretty regular.”

The shelter is the first of its kind in the Highland Lakes, Cornelison said.

“Our counties, Llano and Burnet counties, don’t have a place for families to go if their house burns down, or they break down or maybe they get evicted,” he said. “We want to help those families.”

To find out more, volunteer or donate to Our Father’s House, operated by Mustard Seed Ministries, call (830) 612-1080. Make donations at First State Bank of Central Texas. To recommend a potential resident, email the ministries at


4 thoughts on “Marble Falls ministry plants seed for homeless shelter, needs help

  1. I need assistance for my daughter who is homeless in Marble Falls right now. I sent an email and message through facebooki

  2. I’m very sorry.I did not leave you with my number. cellphone 1-830-265-2717.You may call or text anytime.Thank you,Donald W Snyder Jr.

  3. I will be moving to Texas and arriving the 3rd of July.I would like to offer volunteer services should you need help or any kind of assistance.Upon my arrival I will be homeless.I am currently homeless here in Delaware.I have approx.18 years of building maintenance and interior carpentry skills and experience.I have graduated as a Certified Medical Assistant and I am looking to move to Texas to shed my skin so to speak and looking for new oppurtunities.A better life.I am highly educated with ample self esteem.I have extensive personal references both here in Delaware and in Texas.Where I am…where ever I may be,I make friends.I am trustworthy.Very self disciplined.Great work ethic.Age 51.Never had children.Single.Sharp looking and Very clean.You may FaceBook me.I have “NO” criminal background.I absolutlety adore children and respect woman highly.I thank you for your consideration and any help you may have to offer.Donald W Snyder Jr.

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