Marble Falls’ Up Coming Generation giving back to hometown

Up Coming Generation, a Marble Falls hip-hop group, is holding a concert 6 p.m. Dec. 20 at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Highland Lakes' Marble Falls unit, 1701 Broadway. Tickets are $5 with part of the proceeds benefitting the local Boys & Girls Club. Courtesy photo


MARBLE FALLS — Sometimes, the last thing a young man growing up in a small town wants to do is stay there, let alone give back to the area. But Anthony Ward and the rest of the young men who make up the musical group Up Coming Generation clearly have a different perspective.

“I grew up here,” Ward said of his life in Marble Falls. “And we know a lot of groups don’t give back, but we want to change that — for ourselves and the community.”

On Dec. 20, Up Coming Generation is performing a concert at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Highland Lakes’ Marble Falls unit, 1701 Broadway St., starting at 6 p.m. Admission is $5, but there will will be prize drawings and giveaways. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Highland Lakes.

Up Coming Generation draws on the talents of Ward, Jason Edwards, Christian Rodriguez, Juan Cole, Antonio Graham and Dakato Palmer. Most of them have roots in the community, while some, such as Palmer, moved here later in their lives.

“Our group was formed here, so our main purpose is about representing Marble Falls in a positive way,” Ward said.

The goal, Edwards said, was to create a sound that not only draws people in but offers a strong message.

“We make music to touch people in a certain way,” he said.

While the members understand hip-hop sometimes is looked upon negatively, they want to showcase the more positive side of the genre. Plus, Palmer said, Up Coming Generation isn’t just hip-hop.

“We have a mix of styles,” he said.

Ward agreed.

“It’s R&B, hip-hop,” he added before Palmer jumped in.

“We even do some country,” he said.

The best way to learn what Up Coming Generation is all about is to go see them. The next opportunity is the Dec. 20 concert, but Ward said the group is working on another concert for Jan. 1 in Johnson Park that, if it happens, would be free.

Opening acts for the Dec. 20 show include Deandra & Stephanie and 3&D collabz.

Go to for more on the group.

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