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Spicewood library’s Christmas list includes books, new building

Spicewood Community Library volunteer Jim Fink works the front desk of the library. The facility receives no government money and depends on fundraisers, grants and donations. While the library is doing well, organizers do have some items on their Christmas list including donations for books as well as a project to build a larger facility. Go to for more information. Staff photo by Daniel Clifton


SPICEWOOD — When Jim Lamar considered what would be on the Spicewood Community Library’s Christmas list, he admitted most of the things the facility needed, it already has.

“We’ve made a lot of progress in the past couple of years, so we don’t really need things like new computers,” said Lamar, who is the library’s board president. “What we’re looking for now are the bigger items. One of our primary objectives is to improve the parking lot. And down the road, we’re going to need a new building.”

The Spicewood Community Library, 1011 Spur 191 in Spicewood, relies on the community and a few grants to operate. It’s not a part of the Burnet County Library System and doesn’t receive government funding.

Despite that, local residents and others see the library as an integral part of the community. The facility offers lots of programs, including a nurse who holds a clinic twice a month, a lawyer who stops by once a month to help people and eBook downloads.

People can even learn a language through the Spicewood Community Library’s Mango Language program.

If the parking lot upgrades and new building are still a stretch for Santa Claus or his local elves, Lamar said new cabinets for the kitchen area (which doubles as meeting space) would be really appreciated. The original building, which still makes up a part of the library, is a donated manufactured home that volunteers remodeled. The cabinets, however, could use a facelift or a complete replacement.

“And we could always use donations so we can buy new books,” Lamar said. “We’re always trying to update our fiction and nonfictions, children’s books, young adults and other books.”

Other opportunities include becoming a library member (dues are $25 for individuals and $40 for families) or volunteering.

Go to for more information.