Council approves 13% raise for Burnet city manager

David Vaughn


BURNET — City Council members unanimously passed a 13 percent, $15,000 per year raise for the city manager to keep the position’s pay competitive and to reflect the work of the city’s steward.Starting Oct. 1, David Vaughn’s salary will increase from $113,000 per year to $128,000 per year plus benefits.

“In today’s world, there’s not very many big raises being thrown around, but by the same token, you don’t want to lose some talent, not that it’s necessarily a risk,” Mayor Gary Wideman said. “Over the past few years, we have not really done a whole lot with the salaries in that position.”

Vaughn went to work for the City of Burnet in June 2000 in the public works department. He became assistant city manager and eventually was promoted to city manager in April 2011.

“We just felt it was time to sit down and look at his whole body of work he’s done, plus comparing it to other communities in our area based on salary, population and budget to try to get that position to a more competitive level,” Wideman said. “We understand that$15,000 worth of raise is a lot of money, but when we looked at everything that he does, with the LCRA, the water coalitions, the things we’ve been able to do with the YMCA, the fire department, his work ethic, and his contribution to the overall success of the city, he has been tremendous and it’s well worth every penny.”

Along with Vaughn, city employees received an across-the-board raise, based on the Consumer Price Index, which amounted to about 2 percent.

Officials say the stability of budget finances hastened the ability to offer the increases.

“We are so financially healthy,” Wideman said “We have not raised taxes in at least five years since I’ve been mayor.”

Other steps to strengthen the budget in the past couple of years include doubling the city’s net revenue at the end of each year, increasing the city’s contingency funds, and paying off longer term debt, he said.

When considering Vaughn’s salary increase, City Council members compared Burnet to nine other cities, including Bee Cave, Buda, Fredericksburg, Granite Shoals, Lampasas, Llano and Marble Falls.

Council members used Bee Cave and Fredericksburg as the primary considerations.

While Burnet’s budget is approximately $26 million, Bee Cave’s city budget is $8 million.

The Bee Cave city manager makes $144,000 per year, plus benefits. In Fredericksburg, with a budget of $38 million, the city manager salary is $146,000 per year.

“It’s not a competition. It’s not about impressing anybody,” Wideman said. “We just want to make sure the salary is commensurate with the amount of work he puts in.”

5 thoughts on “Council approves 13% raise for Burnet city manager

  1. So, he gets a 12-13 percent pay raise and everyone else gets 2%.. The things he does for the city are because its his job. He gets paid a lot to do those things. Who cares what they pay in other cities, if he wants that pay he can move to another city. People wonder why every year the taxes go up, up, up…. I love comparing pay to other places, so now the other places will compare themselves and its a never ending pay raise for people that wouldn’t be hired in the private industry.

  2. So he got a raise that is equal to the amount a minimum wage earner makes in an entire year of working full time? Not that I am not happy for him, but few jobs in this area pay anywhere near that amount. The median household income in Burnet is only about $43000, in fact the median in the state of TX is only about $50000. I have included the link to city data below. Just a thought ,should our public servants really make more than double what their average constituent makes? Seems like there would be a whole lot less money troubles at the government level if their salaries were more in line with that of the folks they serve.

    Zip codes: 78611.
    Estimated median household income in 2012:
    Burnet: $42,378
    Read more:

  3. Not bad for an incompetent moron. If anyone wants an interesting story they should investigate the connection between David Vaughn and his buddy Shawn Nelson.

  4. What a worm. i just got my property taxes and they are UP 10%!!!! The lion’s share of that is ISD. So they pay this moron an even more obscene amount of money because (1) other cities are doing it (hey, great reason!) and (2) because he is SO competent that taxes haven’t gone up! Except they just did go up by 10%!!!

    Paying ANYONE in Burnet that kind of money is obscene. Make it an $80k job…and I guarantee there will be idiots still lined up down the street to take it. THAT is what should determine salary – the number of people willing to work for that amount and I guarantee you there are plenty.

  5. Oh…and this is $128k a year PLUS BENEFITS. Wonder how fat and sweet those benefits are. Sure to add another $30k a year to his bottom line.

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