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Highland Lakes United Methodist expanding on members’ prayers

Highland Lakes United Methodist Church is set to pour concrete for the foundation of a new fellowship hall building this month. Construction is planned to last through December and will give the growing church room for more church and community groups. Staff photo by Jared Fields


BUCHANAN DAM — A new fellowship hall at Highland Lakes United Methodist Church won’t just be built on a foundation of concrete and steel.

The church’s new 6,000 square-foot building will be built on the prayers of its members.


“Our pastor (Grady Roe) asked us to write a prayer on index cards,” said Bonnie Wallace, a member at Highland Lakes UMC. “The concrete will be poured on top of all the prayers. We’re literally pouring our foundation on our prayers.”

The church, 8303 RR 1431 West, located north of Kingsland, celebrated its 27th anniversary in August. The members say the new building will better serve the church and the greater community.

“Obviously, our church is growing,” member Carolyn Estes said. “Kingsland is, too. And we want to help meet the needs of our community.”

The new fellowship hall will be an open place that will help accommodate church and community gatherings.

The church is the meeting place, free of charge, for Boy Scouts, AA meetings, GED classes, AARP driving classes, Tai Chi, line dancing and more.

Estes said the church has about 260 members.

“We’re gaining members. This whole area is growing; Burnet is growing,” she said. “We have members who live in Burnet and drive all the way over here. They come from Buchanan Dam and Kingsland, Sunrise Beach and Llano.”

The new building will connect to the current fellowship hall, which also has classrooms and offices. The kitchen in the current building will connect to the new structure.

“The first of December it should be completed,” member Gilbert McPheeters said.