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Marble Falls Middle School tennis courts to get some love

Resurfacing the Marble Falls Middle School tennis courts will allow students to maximize their time better without having to be bused to the high school, Marble Falls Independent School District Assistant Superintendent Allen Roberts said. Staff photo by Jennifer Fierro


MARBLE FALLS — Marble Falls High School won’t be the only campus with a usable tennis complex.

Marble Falls Independent School District officials announced the four tennis courts at Marble Falls Middle School will get resurfaced this summer. The work is scheduled to begin at the end of July and finish in early August. The approximate cost is $30,000.

“As we evaluated and looked at all of our facilities, we wanted to make sure we maintained those facilities so our kids will be able to compete and do their best possible jobs they can,” Assistant Superintendent Allen Roberts said.

Roberts has been an employee of the district for eight years. He said the courts have not been resurfaced during that time.

Thirty years ago, Marble Falls was known as a powerhouse in tennis. Several players won state championships in multiple years throughout the 1980s and into 1991.

Many of those athletes competed on those courts.

Now, the courts are showing their age.

“For various reasons, those courts are cracked, they need upgrading,” Roberts said.

Officials have not ruled out improving other parts of the courts such as new fencing or new nets. The assistant superintendent said officials are still reviewing.

By resurfacing the courts, middle school players can remain at their campus for workouts, he said. And that accomplishes three goals.

First, successful varsity programs are built at the middle school level, the assistant superintendent said. Resurfaced courts will help make that happen.

Second, having quality courts helps utilize time better without having to factor in bus rides somewhere else to play.

And finally, middle school players won’t have to schedule their practice times around high school athletes.

“It works hand in hand,” Roberts said. “The facilities inspire all our kids to do certain things as far as curriculum and extra-curricular. We want all of our students to be all-around and be able to participate in all sorts of activities.”

The resurfacing is the latest athletic improvement to the middle school. In April, boys head soccer coach Rick Hoover and girls head soccer coach Trey Young started soccer programs there.

“Our school board has allowed us to expand and make improvements in academics and extra-curricular,” Roberts said. “We’re giving our student-athletes opportunities.”