Marble Falls whittles down list for city manager position


MARBLE FALLS The community could have a new city manager as early as May 20 should council members decide on a short list of candidates, officials say.

The Marble Falls City Council is expected to meet in executive session to consider finalists for the position.

Officials declined to release the names of the candidates; however, the finalists are among the following:

  • Shawna Burkhart, who, in 2011, became the city manager in Converse, where she also served as the first president of Cibolo Valley Local Government Corp.;
  • Jason Gray, who is currently the president and CEO of the local government consulting practice of JDGray Group, LLC., but has more than 15 years of experience serving as a city manager and an assistant city manager;
  • Mike Hodge, who has served as the assistant city manager of Pearland since 2005;
  • Frank Johnson, who has a 35-year career that includes 13 years as Marshall city manager;
  • Lanny Lambert, who is the city manager in Kyle, where he took the reins in 2011 but has a 35-year career in city management;
  • Michael Morrison, who is currently the interim deputy city manager for Irving but has 19 years of experience in local government;
  • David Harris, who has served as the city of Schertz assistant city manager for the past 7½ years and has 17 years of experience in local government.

The new city manager could be on staff early this summer, but it depends on the availability of the person selected.

Ideally, officials would like the new city manager to be involved in the budget process, which gets under way June 10 during the city council’s budget retreat.

The council also will hold a budget workshop in July during which city staff and council will sit down and hammer out the 2014-2015 fiscal year budget before holding public hearings later in the summer.

Margie Cardenas, who is also the city finance director, has been acting city manager since Ralph Hendricks was injured in a cycling accident.

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