Faith Academy administrator Mark Earwood resigns


MARBLE FALLS — After 14 years with Faith Academy of Marble Falls — the last six as school administrator — Mark Earwood is leaving the private Christian school to lead another one in North Carolina.

“Only sensing a call from the Lord could get me to leave Marble Falls and Faith Academy,” Earwood said. “It has been my home for 15 years and will always hold a special place in my heart. But when you work in Kingdom work, you have to go when God says go.”

Earwood, whose resignation takes effect in July, is taking the head of school position at Statesville Christian School in Statesville, N.C.

Earwood joined Faith Academy in 2000 as a government teacher. In 2002, he became the school’s athletic director and spiritual life director. As the head coach for the Flames’ six-man football team, Earwood helped guide and shape the lives of many young men. But that role continued across campus, whether he was a coach, a teacher or an administrator.

Earwood told The Picayune earlier this year that one of his biggest joys was simply being a part of students’ lives.

“I want to have an impact on their lives, and I do that by being a part of their lives,” he said in February.

Along with Earwood, his entire family had strong ties with the university-model school, located at 3151 RR 1431 just east of Marble Falls. His wife, Laura Earwood, is teaches junior high social studies and Bible classes at Faith. Their three sons, Ryan (class of 2008), Cyle (class of 2011) and Mitch (class of 2014), are all Faith Academy graduates.

Curt Johnson, the chairman of the Faith Academy board, said Earwood’s decision to leave Faith was one that fits God’s calling.

“The best thing a godly man can do is follow the Lord’s lead,” Johnson said. “While we will all miss the relationships built over time with the Earwood family, we know that God will lead and prosper both the Earwoods and Faith Academy through our obedience.”

Earwood leaves Faith Academy during a good time for the school. The campus is at an all-time high in terms of enrollment and is currently undergoing a $2 million building project, which includes several permanent classrooms and facilities.

Stuart Nunnally, a school founder and a trustee, said, while it’s tough to lose someone like Earwood, God is looking out for the school and the Earwoods.

“It might be tough personally, but this really is a joyous occasion,” Nunnally said. “We rejoice with the Earwoods for the opportunity God has provided, and we look forward to what God has in store for Faith Academy as well. We are truly blessed in that our school has had two administrators, and, in both cases, we are all sad to see them go, and they are equally sad to depart.

“That’s the way it should be,” he said.

Earwood took over the reins as administrator after the school’s first administrator, Aaron Weast, took a position at a Houston-area Christian school.

The Faith Academy board of trustees and board of directors have already started the search for Earwood’s replacement.