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You can help your large animals beat the summer heat, but at the first sign of trouble, turn to Highway 29 Veterinary Hospital of Bertram. The staff is ready to provide you with small and large animal medicine and surgery.

For exceptional care of your pets and ranch animals, Highway 29 Veterinary Hospital is there when you need it. The staff is always on call for pets large and small.

Hydration key to large animal health

You can help your large animals beat the heat of the summer by making sure they have lots of cool, clean, fresh water available. But be sure they don’t drink lots of water in a short period of time, which can cause colic, according to the experts at Texas A&M University. An average size work horse can drink upwards of 25 gallons of water per day when the temperatures get above 70 degrees.

A horse’s coat should be clipped short and its mane and tail trimmed during hot summer months. Call a veterinarian at the first signs of heat stroke, which can be elevated respiration or pulse in an inactive horse or body temperature above 103 degrees or irregular heart beat in any horse.

To test for dehydration, pinch the skin around the horses neck to see if it quickly snaps back. If it slowly collapses, you should quickly call for professional help.

For all animals of any size, Highway 29 Veterinary provides the best possible medical, surgical and dental care. The staff is always prepared to help animal owners in the Highland Lakes keep their charges healthy and treat those that are injured. They have the skills and education to handle animals of all sizes.

Located at 3500 Texas 29 East in Bertram, Highway 29 Veterinary Hospital can be reached at (512) 355-3002. Check out the website at for more.